Last Minute Tween Valentine's Day Gifts That Won't Break the Bank!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day week! I don’t know about you, but all I can think of is roses and chocolate for V day. I know there are so many other gifts people give on this day, but still, so much chocolate is at every single turn!

We just had the Super Bowl, before that was NYE, before that was Christmas, before that was Thanksgiving, and before that was Halloween. I feel like every single month we have a holiday or an occasion that puts more focus on sweets, chocolate, indulging, socializing, and it’s always around candy and food! I’ve had enough. Seriously. And then next month we have St. Paddy’s day and the next month after that is Easter. Then we get a little break before the 4th of July but I’m sure sprinkled in there will be some birthdays, work parties, celebrations of literally anything you want to make up.

So, here I have a personalized list straight from the source, my very own tween, as to what she would appreciate for a Valentine’s Day gift because well, as much as I always say I won’t, I always will, and I know other people will too, get her (and all the kids) a cute little something, just for fun! And, it’s fine, but how much candy and chocolate can we really take?


Now, it’s always funny what I think she would want versus what she actually says she wants. Sometimes I’m on, sometimes I’m off!

Either way, let’s take a look!

She lists, chapstick (done!), water bottle (score!), slime (not happening), stickers (negotiable), a new record if they have a record play (this is her way of reminding me that she asked for a record player, HAHA!!), slippers, lotions, pj’s (all great things that will last more than chocolate), Pura Vida everything, fuzzy socks (or how bout some fun socks like we have in the picture, eh!?), a new phone case, pop socket, earrings.

Well done kiddo!! And, well done mama if I do say so myself!!

I love hitting Target (obviously) for anything seasonal and budget friendly, and always the Dollar Store for balloons (we love balloons here) and fun little trinkets like journals, pens, fun erasers, whatever cute decorations catch my eye.

I typically like to buy a few things that are not specific to the holiday as the main gift, and cute cheap seasonal items because I know they aren’t going to last long, or they’re gonna get lost or broken. Once the day it over, all the excitement is gone because it’s onto the next, right?

I’m sharing an actual real life screen shot that my daughter texted to me when I asked her some non-candy ideas. I have always told her to “go big” and make a long list, in case I can’t find some or most of the items. I did chuckle when I saw how long the list was, but she knows how I roll! Plus, I asked her to list things someone her age “would” want, not things she necessarily wants herself.

Regardless, our mantra is ask big and be grateful with whatever you get.

I hope this list helped if you have a tween!! And if so, let me know if you got anything and how they reacted!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

love gina wide.png