Superfood Edible Raw Cookie Dough (VEGAN)




1 can 16 oz chickpeas

1 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp ginger

1 tsp pure vanilla

1/4 c agave

1/2 tsp pink salt

3 tbsp maca

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 flax egg

1 tbsp coconut oil

Chocolate chips or cacao nibs



First things first, blend the chickpeas with a little bit of chickpea water from the can. If it’s too late for that and you already dumped it down the drain, no worries! You can use a little bit of plain water. The trick is to get it to just the right consistency, creamy and smooth. So, use your own discretion with how much water. I usually add a little at a time until it turns out just right.

Next, you want to prepare the flax egg so that it can set while you’re doing everything else. What is a flax egg!??!? It’s a vegan egg substitute that acts pretty much like the “glue” to this and any recipe that calls for it.

Here is how to make a flax egg:

1 tbsp water : 3 tbsp flax meal. Place in a small bowl and mix. Let sit for a minimum of 5 minutes so it can set. Once it’s completely set, it will be a similar consistency of an egg white; thick, goopy and gooey.

Next, you want to add all the remaining ingredients with the exception of the chocolate chips or cacao nibs, whichever you’re using. Place the blended chickpeas and all the dry ingredients in a food processor with a dough blade, if you have one. If not, don’t sweat it. You can use an electric hand mixer or just go the old fashioned way with a heavy wooden spoon and mix it up by hand.

Next, you’ll want to taste it and make sure it’s to your liking! The only sugar in this is from the agave syrup, which being 1/4 cup brings the entire recipe 64 grams of carbohydrates in the form of sugar, which is a total of 240 calories. Now, you’re probably thinking WOW, I don’t want to consume all that sugar! Of course you don’t! You’re not going to eat the entire batch!!

You can keep it in the fridge or take half and freeze it.

Because this recipe is so dense, a couple of spoonfuls and you will be satisfied. I promise! And because it uses real agave syrup, and not an artificial sweetener, your brain and stomach will actually be satisfied.

You see, when we eat artificial sweetener, it tricks the taste buds but not the brain.

The sweetness triggers a series of reactions in our brain, including the reward center. There are many things than can activate a dopamine surge, and while sugar and artificial sweetener both can, only the sugar will actually provide a satiety that the artificial sweetener cannot… and THIS is why eating one or two hearty cookies or brownies will fill up your stomach and palate, making you feel extremely satisfied… while eating twice as many treats made with artificial sweetener, while it may taste good, never will completely satisfy you.

Our brains and bodies are programmed pretty well :)

Another thing to keep in mind here is the fact that the sugar form the agave syrup is bound up with so much fiber from the chickpeas, chia seeds, flax and coconut oil, it takes the body longer to break everything down, so it’s absorbed and processed much slower than if you were to take a shot of pure agave syrup on it’s own.

Makes sense, right?

A good rule of thumb when it comes to consuming sugar, is knowing how the body will break it down. Two things to keep in mind are this: quantity and speed. How much sugar, and how you get it. Is it “a lot” or “a little” … and is this sugar in a pure state on it’s own, or is it bound up with other things that will help the body break it down slower?

An example I always use to get a good visual on this is: eating an apple versus drinking apple juice.

Long story short, don’t let the sugar from the agave frighten you!

Also, for your viewing entertainment, you can watch this really low-grade video I took on my phone to see the entire process go down.

Let me know if you try this recipe and tell me what you think!