Iced Protein PSL


Iced Protein PSL

1 part cold coffee
1 part water
1 scoop vanilla flavored vegan protein powder
1 tbsp-ish pumpkin pie spice 
A couple ice cubes (not too many!!)


Blend all ingredients well
Pour over ice
Finish with whip cream & a sprinkle of spice 

*** without protein powder would just be 1 part coffee/ 1 part milk of choice and follow the rest of the instructions. You may need to add sweetener if you dont use protein powder!

Use coconut whip cream or almond whip cream to make entirely vegan .

This is one of my favorite ever pseudo-healthy drinks for when I’m kind of craving coffee and something sweet and creamy, and it’s SO easy to make!

Blending ensures that all the ingredients are completely incorporated but you could seriously just do this with all the same ingredients, ice and a shaker bottle.

Let me know if you try this, tag me on insta and let me know what you think!!