Day 3 of 28 Days of Gratitude

"Words are very powerful, so when you complain about any person you actually harm your life... By the law of attraction whatever you think or say about another person, you bring to you."


Say it ain't so!!! But what if I'm just venting, because that person is really really really annoying!! And let's be honest, it's not my fault they're annoying... what does that have to do with ME?? 

... what if I said... it has EVERYTHING to do with me?  And if you are the one talking shit, or just venting, it has everything to do with YOU too.  Stay with me here...

I always knew that.... I mean, I've heard it a million times... "the man in the mirror" kind of thing... ya know, when they say stuff like, if someone has a problem with you, it has more to do with them, than with you ... but I never really GOT it until I did The Magic the first time around, back in February.  I always knew it, but it never really impacted me until I had to write ten blessings around someone who I really didn't even like, forget about be grateful for.  But, it wasn't until then, that I really realized that even that person who treated me like garbage, for almost my entire life, also was responsible for making me who I am today... because I would have never been put in a situation where I needed to find the strength to become who I am, to fight through the challenges and obstacles... because if I hate him for all the shit he did and said, then I better love him for all the amazing qualities he gave me as well.  

Going a step further than that, knowing that I chose him to be my very own father in this lifetime, so that we can both settle our karmic debt and soul contracts... it's fucked up knowing that our souls are basically best friends, and have agreed to play out these roles on earth, even before being brought here in this lifetime, so we can learn the lessons we wanted to learn.   

OK, so back to Magical Relationships... research has even showed that people who practice gratitude have stronger relationships... and even crazier than that, for every one complaint, there needs to be ten, TEN blessings in order for the relationship to flourish, otherwise it is bound to fizzle out and die.  

When I heard this, I was curious.... so I scanned my entire life, and I can honestly say without a doubt, this is true... it HAS to be true... the very first time I begin to complain about someone, it becomes easier and easier to complain more and more, justifying my words with their actions, and ultimately, the relationship ends.  Family, friends... it doesn't matter.  I have a switch inside of my brain, and once my mind is made up, it's made up... 

I have always been like that... until now... it's been a few years since I realized what I was doing and I knew it needed to stop.  It's no way to live.  

If a relationship is meant to fizzle out, or grow apart, that's fine... but I send them away with blessings and love.  Even those who I can't even stand to have a conversation with, I thank them for the lessons, release what no longer serves me, send them out with love and.... whoosh... goodbye!!! I've even written letters and burnt them to reinforce the fact that I am dissolving everything that is no longer serving me with that person... 

There are people that we continue to attract into our life who are toxic for us.  This is a fact. Learn to look around, and trust the signs.... otherwise we will keep repeating that sad sad story until we learn our lesson... and THAT is when the healing will begin.

Now back to the GOOD stuff... making GOOD relationships even BETTER with The Magic!! Can I tell you how AMAZING it feels to write this shit down every day!? It felt so good to write my thank you list to 3 of my closest persons... thanking them for everything they are, and who they are to me... I know they felt it to.  They HAD to have... they may not have realized what they were feeling but writing down blessings, and sending love from the heart, has no choice but to make its way to that special person... and it's made ME feel better too.  Who would have thought, sending blessings to others actually blesses yourself.  

This is the third time I'm going through this book and it's getting better and better every time!

Blessings to everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!