Day 2 of 28 Days of Gratitude

Day 2 began just like Day 1, listing 10 things that I am grateful for and WHY... adding to that, searching for small rock or stone that is small enough to hold in my hand... and at night, remembering all of the good things that happened today... picking the BEST one, reliving it in my mind, and saying THANK YOU, remembering to feel it in my heart... because it doesn't matter what you say in your head or out loud... what matters is the feeling behind those words.

The Magic lets me have the same type of excitement that I had when I was a little girl... dreaming about things SO big... wishing, using my imagination... and thinking about everything that happened during the day and reliving them right before bedtime, until I drift off to sleep... I LOVE doing this practice SO much!!! 

Let's talk about "adulting" for a quick second... I mean, let's get real.  Work, bills, kids, responsibilities, stress, worry, anxiety... what's the very last thing that you think about before bed? Think about it... I mean REALLY think about it... are you complaining about your neighbor's dog who gets loose and shits in your yard, or your ex who you think "ruined" your life, or your boss who you know "has it out" for you? ... think ... 

I used to have such an immense amount of worry and anxiety, that I would keep myself up at night til the wee hours of the morning, with my heart racing... I knew that was no way to live but I didn't know what to do about it... I also didn't have anyone in my life guiding me to such amazing practices as The Magic, or anything even remotely similar... they were guiding me to my nearest pharmacist to numb my stress... um hell fucking no... that's fine for a quick fix, short term, but what happens when I don't want to take that pill anymore? And what happens when the next issue manifests in the form of anxiety because I haven't trained myself with the coping skills to deal?  


I knew I needed a real solution and that's when I started the inner work and healing all these deep rooted issues that WE ALL have ... 

So back to the rock!!! What this does is helps me scan my entire day to think about the most amazing thing that happened, relive that in my mind and my heart, and say THANK YOU.  

This day was amazing.  We spent the whole day in CT with family, swimming in the pool with everyone, eating amazing food that everyone brought to share, catching up and sharing stories.  So simple and yet so relaxing and refreshing to see everyone and reconnect... I LOVE days like this!