28 Days of Gratitude

This will be my third time going through The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  I can't even begin to describe how this book has changed me... my description won't do it any justice... that's why I'm taking myself through The Magic for a third time, and putting it ALL out there, making myself as vulnerable as can be... welcoming anyone to join me.

"One word changes everything...

For more than twenty centuries, words within a sacred text have mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read them. Only a very few people through history have realized that the words are a riddle, and that once you solve the riddle—once you uncover the mystery—a new world will appear before your eyes.

In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals this life-changing knowledge to the world. Then, on an incredible 28-day journey, she teaches you how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, The Magic is going to change your entire life!"

The first time around, I could barely think of 10 things I was grateful for on day 1 (sounds pretty pathetic, until everyone I spoke to had the same challenge), but by day 28, I couldn't limit it to just 10 things.

A friend of mine recommended that I read this...  I've been hearing about it  long enough, and wasted enough of my time putting it off, so I knew the time was now.  I knew I needed this book to change what was going on inside of me.  Do yourself a favor... if anyone has mentioned this to you in any way, at any time...

DO. IT.  

It will change your perception of everything.