Wanting it ALL is perfectly OK!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being motivated by an external factor AS LONG AS THAT FACTOR is NOT determining your self worth.

It's OK to want the perfect body

Because the perfect body is not ONE particular size

It's not ONE particular shape

It's not ONE particular age

It's not ONE particular weight

It's not ONE particular height

Perfection lies within the imperfections that make us ALL unique

Perfect is not flawless

In my heart of hearts, I do believe that we are ALL perfect... and yet NO ONE is flawless 

(because HIIII we are human, not robots!! well... yet anyways!!!)

We should ALL be accepting of our OWN biological blueprint, our OWN bodies... and YET have the self awareness to recognize when we are NOT living testaments of our highest potential... 

Unconditional love and acceptance of one's body doesn't mean to YOLO out every damn day, use and abuse it, and make it write bad checks...

Unconditional love and acceptance of one's body should mean treating it with care and support.

OH! And just to be CLEAR...

Don't think that EVERYONE who works outs and "eats clean" is doing this from a place of self love....

I used to PUNISH my body on a daily basis UNTIL... I learned what self love really is... 

And even though I "looked" the part... I was FAR from

So here's my point... looks can be deceiving... which is exactly WHY I say, love, love, love... 

We all need more love

We all need to just be NICER ... beginning with OURSELVES

But damn... when that pre-programmed beliefs were written 30 years ago and it's been running on autopilot ever since... how do you upgrade a faulty system?


That's where we step in TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow we start

10 days of:



MINDSET shifts

SOUL shifts 

10 days of UNLIMITED support 

Payment plan options are NOW available!!!

WHAT are you WAITING for???

Next time... next time... next time... next time... 

And continue to SUFFER in this miserable never ending feedback loop... like a scratched record???

REPEATING the same stories ... over and over....

To rationalize it? To make sense of it all?


We don't DO "next time" in this house... 

We do it NOW or we don't do it at all... 

Because if it's not a HELL YES it's a HARD NO!

AAAAAAALLL the details in the LINK below!!!