What if you just DECIDED?

I’m quickly learning that no matter what, people don’t really care what “to” do, they still want to know what “I” do…

OK Gina, this is great, but what do YOU eat? How do YOU train? … 

And no matter how much I can say, well I’m not you and you’re not me, and we have different physical, mental and emotional needs, nobody cares, they still WANT to KNOW!!


I’m gonna give it to you!!!

The CRAZIEST and COOLEST thing about sharing THIS is that, what I DO do is actually no different than what I say for YOU to DO!

I mean, yes, we all have a unique blueprint BUT the very basis is all quite simply the same… and THEN we tweak it out on an individual basis

SOOOOOO…. I’m including a BONUS training in the 10 Day Reset, which starts next Monday, and it is EXACTLY... WHAT I EAT IN ONE WEEK

Yes, specifically ME… I’m spilling everything

All the secrets, all the not so secrets, how I prep it out, what I actually COOK and what I eat RAW… What I get fresh and what I get frozen, what I get in bulk and what I get at the BIG box stores… you’ll be surprised at actually how FAST & CHEAP this all really is!!

Eating healthy doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. 

I’ll show you! It’s part of the program!!

What’s also part of the BIGGER program, I mean, think about it for a second… that all of a sudden it was healthy does not equal expensive because well, if everyone’s health was ON POINT then what… 

Can you IMAGINE!?

A massive, collective, universal awakening and even… a revolution?

What IF you just DECIDED that it was easy, it was affordable, and it was a proper investment?

What if you JUST decided?

Like, right now…


And say to yourself… 

I always eat right for my body.
It’s easy to make the right choices.
I never feel a discord around the choices I make.
I don’t feel guilty around the food choices I make.
I am always divinely guided and aligned with the choices I make, because the choices I make are here to serve my highest good, and the good of everyone around me, and as long as my choices are of service, then it will never be wrong.
It is safe to say I’m worthy.
It is my birthright to look and feel my best every day.
I know that my outer-world is a reflection of my inner-world, and when I feel discord inside, it shows up on the outside, and still I choose to shift that.
I choose to shift resistance to flow.
I choose to let it all go.
It is safe to say that I choose to have the perfect body, because I know that perfect isn’t a specific height, or a specific size, or a specific weight, or a specific age, it is perfect because it is.
It is who I am, imperfectly perfect, in every way.
My body is always working hard for me everyday to keep me here, calibrated, steadfast, even after everything I put it through, it’s still here.
It’s safe to say that I love myself, unconditionally.
It’s safe to say I feel sexy.
It’s safe to be unapologetically EXTRA AF.
It’s safe to wear my hair in two buns on head because IDGAF <3

Say it.

Feel it.

Believe it.

It is done.