Transform you energy to become limitless


When life just feels like it’s too much… for “no apparent reason” …

On Monday, I was on top of a mountain… and the very next day, I was having a meltdown in my closet…. for “no apparent reason”

Crying. Snots. The whole nine yards.

I am really sensitive to all things technology… it feels like sensory overload for me… so anytime I can get OUTSIDE where I can ground myself into the grass, sand, ocean… or some place far far far far far away from civilization, a place like the woods or the top of a mountain, I am at my happiest.

As much as I’m grateful for internet and all the techie things, it’s equally overwhelming for me… so yea… post vacation blues compounded with whatever is happening in the sky…

DAMN Tuesday hit me HARD!!!

So there I was… curled up in a ball on my closet floor (it’s OK if you want to laugh with me)

My husband took the boys out for a ride so there I was, hit with the silence of the house, and overwhelm with the ability to do just about ANYTHING I wanted… and I chose to hide in my closet, curl up in a blanket, and cry myself to sleep.

I have days like this sometimes!

Do you?

I want to think we all do… I’m not sure though… It’s so hard to tell.

It’s harder than ever to be able to see the truth at face value when everyone's life looks so perfect online.

Before, we used to have magazine and tabloids that we would read on while standing in line at the market... That was it!

Then, slowly…. reality TV…

And NOW?

Well, social media... which is basically an extended AI version of ourselves

And we have to REALLY make a conscious DECISION to NOT compare our life to strangers on the internet… I mean… really… it happens to the best of us

scrolling scrolling scrolling, double tap, swiping through stories, swiping up, sales, bogos, everyone’s perfect hair, perfect life, perfect family, clean house, perfect views of Bali - France - Capri - Tulum, and I’m over here thinking like, wow, I can’t even GO to the bathroom in peace FORGET about traveling!

So, besides the post vacation blues of MY perfect… the mountains… and my two little friends called anxiety and depression who like to slide up in my DM’s in to say “hey girl heyyyyy" when I LEAST expect them to!! They barely even say HI anymore… they just come over unannounced are just like WE HERE!!!!


Well, that’s what I chose to do.

Dealt with it. Felt what I was feeling. Took a nap. Woke up. I drank some water. And I handled the rest of my day.

As much as I know who to manage my symptoms… being in the thick of it still feels heavy.

It still sucks. 

So I really REALLY get that, when people open up to me about it.

Just know… you’re not alone. And you’re not broken. There is nothing “wrong” with you.

You’re ALLOWED to feel your feelings.

You’re allowed to get help.

You're allowed to feel supported.

It doesn't make you weak, it actually makes you strong.

You do not need to push it down, replace the negative feeling with a positive feeling, and stay HIGH vibe.

Life is vibration.

HIGH vibrations.

LOW vibrations.



I have to ask myself… do half these people even understand the vibratory nature of the world we’re living in? Sometimes, I don’t really think so. The way these words are being tossed around like “vibe” and “manifest” … it’s really clear who is regurgitating shit that “sounds good” versus those who are really GRASPING this concept.


If we push down our feelings and simply “replace that negative thought with a positive thought”, then all that’s going to do is PUSH down the feelings that NEED to be felt…

And an eruption is bound to take place.

It may come out at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE…

Nobody really knows…

And it could manifest as ANYTHING… a fight, a bad dream, a bender, a binge, anything at all.

So, just know, it’s safe for you to feel your feelings just as much as it’s important to find tools that will help you cope and deal, so you can get out of that mental space effectively and carry on  with the life you know you were meant to live…

Because we were made for SO MUCH MORE.

If we could only learn to harness this ENERGY of frustration, anger, pain… and turn it into CREATION.

Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.

We do have the power to decide… even if that decision is to curl up in your closet and take a nap like me first