You don't need another diet

You don’t need another diet.

You don’t need another trainer, or coach, or training program, or another keto-excuse to overindulge in chocolate fat bombs before bed.

All those diets that you tried aren’t the real reason why you haven’t achieved your goals.

It’s not the program. It’s not the trainer. It’s not the coach.

It’s not your hormones. It’s not your age. 

It’s not the fact that you thumbed through the new program and because it didn’t look engaging to you, you bought it but never bothered to even begin.

The program isn’t the real reason why you didn’t show up for yourself.

The reason why you didn’t completely show up for yourself is because you haven’t found a big enough reason to commit.

It ultimately comes down to, do you want it, or do you not want it?

It’s as simple as that.

Do you want the outcome MORE than you want to put up with the status quo?

Of course you do.

You know something’s gotta change… something’s gotta give… you have to do something about it.

We all fall victim into a trap at one time or another, and realize we’re sick of being in the shit, and finally say “enough is enough.”

But… once we make that decision… how much time goes by before you fall back into complacency mode again? 

Is it a week? 2 weeks? Maybe just 5 days until you get to the weekend and say “this little bit can’t hurt, I’ll just have a LITTLE” … but a LITTLE is never ever just a little… until you’re spiraling out of control and make your oath on Sunday night to start over again on Monday…

Oh shoot, except Monday is a holiday… so how about Tuesday? Yea Tuesday sounds good.

But damn, who really starts on a Tuesday? That’s just really bad for my mindset…. so I think I’d rather wait.

Screw it…. I’ll just go crazy on the food this week and go ahead and just start next Monday.

One last binge (Oh, and you know that it’ll be a good once since this will be the LAST one!)

Ah, yes…. that feels better!!

Yea… feels so good right? You’re already planing the shopping trip… already planning what you’ll overindulge on… already planning how you will feel SO good once start next Monday…

Except… it never happens.

Monday comes and goes… because you didn’t have the willpower to STOP (because you’re body actually is craving more of what you put into it)

And you didn’t have the mindset to actually START (because what’s the point any way?)

How many of you have fall victim to this TRAP!? 

It’s a trap.

And it’s not even REAL!

I can’t tell you how many times I did this to myself.

I started my day off measuring all my food like a “good girl”.. and then here we are, right before bed, the moment I was waiting for ALL day… this was it!!

The climax of my meal plan, my perfectly measured macros, to FINALIZE my fat amount for the entire day and be just about the tastiest thing I’d allow… 1 TBSP of almond butter!!!

My mouth would fill with drool as I’d open up the jar… my heart would race… oh quickly though… have you ever SEEN what 1 TBSP of almond butter looks like?

It’s basically a sneeze worth. It’s not even anything to write home about.

And besides that, the anticipation would almost KILL me… my heart felt like it was exploding out of my chest some nights.

Finally… the TBSP was measured out and after depriving myself all day, that one little taste would put me into a tailspin and I’d polish off about 75% of the jar… feeling worse than ever.

I had it.

I couldn’t do this shit anymore.

Measuring all my food like a maniac was killing me.

This was the point where I wasn’t even COMPETING anymore… I was still measuring all my food because I had no idea HOW to eat, I had NO idea how to live my life outside of this weird food confinement I had buried myself into.

Competing had ruined my relationship with myself and how I ate, for the longest time.

I had no idea what balance was. In fact, I didn’t believe in balance.

And… eventually, I got sick of it. 

Eventually… I just stopped ALL together. JUST like that. I literally made the decision one day, and decided that was the new normal, and I stuck with it.

I still low-key eyeballed things, and acted like I was remaining within my “guidelines”, whatever that means, but if I wanted to have an avocado AND cook with coconut oil, I did…

I know… doesn’t that sound SO ridiculous!? 

Things that are considered healthy to a “normal” person who probably eats fast food a few times a week and thinks nothing of it… I’m over here obsessing over an avocado?

Eventually…. I stopped.

Not at first… but over time… I slowly was able to NOT freak out and have a full fledge anxiety attack.

During that summer of 2014… when I FINALLY stopped weighing my food and obsessing over calories… I was still at the point where I was weighing myself on the scale… (a habit I have now broken myself of) … THAT was the summer that I dropped 20 pounds without even trying.

It was the FIRST time in my life, that I lost weight, without having the intention to lose weight. 

I lost weight because I had finally detached myself from the outcome, and solely focused on the transformation… and for the first time, I allowed myself to live in the moment, and not in some weird place in the future.

Previously, I wasn’t able to go ONE minute without doing food math or calculating new meals to incorporate with my current macros… it was ridiculous.

I had just gotten SO tired of how I was living.

I threw my hands up in the air and said I KNOW there is a better way.

Eventually though… LIKE HOW I DID… you do get sick of your own shit.

You know THIS isn’t working… so you hunt, you try to find a new plan, a new diet, a new trainer, a new coach, a new Facebook group where you can absorb all the content but still hide behind the masses, so that way, when you don’t stick to it, nobody new anyway…

But come ON! When is enough going to be enough though??

There are basically 4 easy steps to stopping this madness… 

Step 1: Get tired of your own shit

Step 2: Draw a line in the sand

Step 3: Decide that you WILL commit

Step 4: Figure out how to get from Point A to Point B.

All this time you’ve been started at Step 4 (the new diet, new trainer, new program, new pinterest board) and trying to get from Point A to Point B without going through Step 1 through 3… 

Until you get to the point where you are absolutely and fully tired of your own shit, you finally make that decision to draw a line in the sand and say NO fucking more, and DECIDE to FULLY commit TO YOURSELF… will you ever get to Point B.

You’ll always be stuck at point A, in this weird revolving door going round and round around point A… you might be beside it, in back of it, in front of it, but you never FULLY leave point A behind you because you were never fully able to completely commit in the first place… 

First, I think, in my actual opinion, is the real reason we can’t even get to the point of drawing a line in the sand is because even though we are tired of our own shit, it's almost comfy there.

We haven't really embraced what it would feel like to have a new feeling, or a new experience, because we can’t even really IMAGINE what it would be like there… 

And so, the shit is kind of… comforting.

How would it be if we actually … DID it? If we finally MADE it? 

Then what would people think or say… to us… to our faces… or worse… behind our backs?

It’s like… yea a new diet will give you the tools to eat certain foods, restrict, eliminate, whatever have you, because my opinion on diets is that they actually DO all work. Are they sustainable? Are they healthy? Ehhh, that’s debatable on WHAT it is and that’s for another conversation.

What it doesn’t give you typically, is the mindset and lifestyle tools that enable you to continue the plan for life, and implement change. REAL change. The kind of change where you’re not even thinking thoughts like “I must stay on this diet” or “I can’t have this” or “I have to wait for my cheat day” or “I’ve been bad” or “I’ve been good”… 

Once you DECIDE… you make the commitment to implement the tools, to not only train yourself to eat differently, but to also train your mind to be strong in the beginning to make the choice to NOT eat an entire jar of frosting that you’ve hidden in the back of the fridge…

Once you decide and commit, every cell in your being begins to SHIFT.

It’s a TOTAL shift.

And soon… EVERYTHING starts to feel easy.

It starts to flow. 

You’re not freaking out on every little thing anymore, because you’re in alignment now.

It FINALY feels easy.

It almost feels surreal with how easy it all feels….

It’s possible for this to happen INSTANTLY, with minutes of daily practice… instead of suffering through lifetimes because you refuse to do make small adjustments to your daily lifestyle, or forget about refuse… suffering simply because you don’t know where to start.

If I can do it, anyone can.

I’m not anymore special than anyone else.

What did I do?

I changed my eating habits, I tweaked my lifestyle, and I allowed myself to get in total alignment with how I wanted to live versus how I was currently living. 

I started meditating everyday. I listened to brain entrainment audios as I slept and on my way to work. I removed myself from social media, deleted my accounts. I stopped chasing ideals that lacked substance. I fed my mind with new books and philosophies that required me to think and question things.

I repeated this everyday, for the last 4 years, bringing me to this point, here now, serving those who are finally ready to embark on this journey themselves.

We are going in DEEP for a 4 Week Shift 

Nutrition - Soul - Mindset - Lifestyle 

We are putting in WORK.

Message me for details!