Ranch Dressing & Living Your Soul Purpose

Happiness & Wellness go hand and hand

The mind is not separate from the body.

Everything is connected. Everything gets sent to and from the brain. 

If our brain is the computer, our central nervous system is the network.

All day, without us even trying, the network is sending billions upon billions of signals, to the brain, effortlessly.

That doesn’t mean though, because it is effortless, that it is perfect, and everything goes as planned.

If there are too many tabs open on your computer, what happens to the network? … (hint: it slows down)

If there are too many tabs open in your brain, what happens to your network? … (hint: it slows down)

Happiness & Wellness are best friends. They love to take long romantic walks down the beach, especially at sunset.

Happiness & Wellness are not just about “being positive” and “eating healthy” … no no no. 

It’s a fact that yes, health & wellness includes improvement to diet, exercise, and reducing stress… but as I start to talk about reducing stress, it automatically brings me over to the happiness continuum… and so I restart with reducing stress, increasing the positive experiences and decreasing negative, saying goodbye to all lower energy people, things, and behaviors, identifying your own strengths, a sense of purpose, instilling values, opening up your imagination… remembering who you are.

It’s January 2nd and I know so many people have new year resolutions to lose weight… but losing weight isn’t gonna cut it. That is not a deep enough reason… what stands behind that number?  How will that number make you feel? I mean… really feel into that. Now… stop. 

Think about those feelings… and replace that “number” with the emotion.  

Make “that” your why.  THAT is your why.  The number has nothing to do with it.

I’ve had COUNTLESS clients achieve their goal weight, and guess what… they were still miserable, sad, feeling lost, feeling empty… and they couldn't figure out why.


Because the purpose attached to a goal is everything. 

Saying “I want to lose 30 lbs” just isn’t enough.  I’m not even sorry to say that. 

You could get deathly ill and lose 30lbs… then what? No seriously, you’d be at your goal weight… wouldn’t you? I know you’re rolling your eyes like “girl, please” right now, but this is what I’m talking about. The NUMBER is not enough.  

Find a bigger reason, and you will never get stuck in that cycle again.

I promise you!

Ok, but how… how how HOW!!???

Look at your daily acitvity. Do you sit all day? Do you have a physical job?

Now, look at the food you eat. Do you eat well? Do you eat foods rich in omegas that will power you brain all day? Do you eat starches that are low glycemic to keep your blood sugar steady, to keep you from crashing? Or… are you grabbing snacks out of the vending machine? How much of your food is processed? Have you ever even thought about it? Do you think is matters? 

I can tell you this much. 

It does. It matters.

The quality of food, matters the most with how your body and brain are performing… and this is directly linked to emotional well being.

Just because something is packaged up on a label and “safe” for human consumption (so we think, do we really know?), doesn’t mean it should be for human consumption. 

Why are GMO’s banned in Europe, yet in America, they are trying to ban labeling? 

Does that make sense? 

Ok… now think about what you ate today… think about what’s in your fridge, and in the cabinet. 

Take stock. 

I’m not talking about the fact that you post your ONE salad a week on instagram and hashtag #healthy #fitspo #lifestyle.

I’m asking you to get real with yourself.

Ranch dressing… not healthy.

Hotdogs and deli meat… not healthy.

Cheddar cheese rice cakes… not healthy.

Fast Food… not healthy.

We KNOW this. But if we all already know this, how are all these fast food joints still in business?

Because knowing just isn’t enough.

You do not need to get your “healthy fats” from an avocado after you’ve already exceeded you unhealthy fats from (yes I’m going extreme here) McD’s.

The MICROnutrients are more important than the MACROnutrients.

Yes, we NEED fat to function (especially our brains), so grab it from a healthy source.

Well, how do we even cut through the confusion to figure out what’s “healthy”? … (that’s where I come in)

STOP the madness with the “fat free” movement.

Run (don’t walk)… RUN… far far away from fat free cheese, fat free sour cream, fat free coffee creamer, fat free yogurt, fat free ice cream, fat free salad dressing… fat free anything that you probably wouldn’t eat in it’s FULL fat form… don’t f**kng eat it in it’s fat free form!!! 

But, if you would absolutely, no doubt about it, WOULD eat it in it’s full fat form (something like ice cream)… DO IT! I’m seriously telling you, DO.IT.  Eat the full fat icecream… it’s undergone a hell of a lot LESS processing and most likely has less ingredients, less fillers and less preservatives than the fat-free ice cream (granted that it’s a quality ice cream… I’m not talking about McD’s soft serve… let us count how many ingredients are in that cluster f**k of a science experiment… but not right now… I’ve already gone way off track.)

Anyway, stop justifying things that are unhealthy with “getting in your macros”, or if you don’t know what macros are… getting in an unhealthy food just for the sake of it being a protein/ carb/ fat.

You do not need to get protein in with deli meats and nitrate riddled mystery meat 

Stop justifying it.

Think about HOW you feel. HOW do you FEEL? I mean … REALLY FEEL!?!?!?

If you feel like something has to change… it probably does.

I am saying this with so much love.

And if you don’t know what it even IS… it’s ok!! So many of us don’t at first! It’s fine! As long as you know there is something not aligning with you anymore… that’s the first start.

You can pinpoint it, if you want to… well, you will need to pinpoint it eventually, or else it will never ever change.

If you feel off… and don’t know why… begin here: 

Take inventory for a few minutes (before something shiny catches your eye)

Everyday… pay attention. 

Pay attention to how you feel.

Physically (are you tired, full of energy, weak, strong, forgetful)
Emotionally (are you on edge, feeling like a zombie, emotional, emotionless)

Spiritually (do you feel like “what’s the point”, do you know your purpose in life, do you pray, do you meditate, do you talk to your higher self, do you connect with God/source/universe/white light of divine love, whatever you want to call it)

Take inventory.

Pay attention. 

Start there.

When you feel like you know you need to change something, but just can’t figure out where to start, call me, message me, email me… get. at. me.

I help educate overwhelmed and burnt out women, who are dying to cut through the bullsh**t of todays fad diets and exercise trends. 

You’re not a woman? It’s fine…  I have space for you.

Together, we will get you unstuck, so you can finally understand what you're truly hungry for, and in the process, experience massive personal transformation.

Stop dieting & start living.