Unprocessed food: My prediction for the next diet "trend"

It’s been about a month since we’ve gone unprocessed and been really paying attention to intuitive eating. 

What exactly is intuitive eating?

It's when you are super mindful about what you're doing when you eat, and paying attention to how you feel. (basically, no zoning out on the TV with a bag of chips, mindlessly dipping your hand into the depths of darkness... oh wait... I mean... the bag.)

Basically, it's really simple. It's a "back to basics" ideal.

First things first, I have a huge appetite. I can usually eat and eat and eat, but since we started going unprocessed, I feel like my appetite has dwindled down. It's because I'm eating whole grains, seeds, roots, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats (no wheat, no processed sugar, no processed foods), so my brain and body aren't getting mixed signals from sugar free sweeteners & food additives like it was before. (More to come on this!)

So, here’s what we do now. We make everything from scratch, with mostly organic, non-gmo ingredients, preferably local. I say mostly, because it's like an 90/10 split.  So, example... if we eat pasta, pasta is obviously a processed food, but there's black bean pasta, chickpea pasta, whole wheat pasta... there are so much more options than traditional semolina pasta.  But why?  

With enriched pasta, the word "enriched" sounds good, but it's actually not. The ingredients in enriched pasta are broken down and put back together.  Any vitamin that was in the natural outer casing of the wheat, has been broken down, removed, and a man-made form of the vitamins have been added back in "enriching" the product.  Try to stay away if you can.  This type of food is extremely hard for the body to digest.  

Second... I've said goodbye to all forms of meat, chicken, and fish. Not intentionally at first... I just haven't been wanting to cook meat or eat meat, so it kind of just phased out on it's own, from me listening to my body.

Now, about chickens. We have backyard chickens (they are so much fun!), so if we want eggs, we can go get eggs. Super convenient for baking ;)

If you want to eat eggs, I suggest getting free-range and NOT cage-free.

Free range means they get to go outside... but even still, I think by law the "outside" is something ridiculously small, like a 10x10 square inch of grass or something.  The absolute BEST option is to find a local farmer, and get your eggs from them.

Cage free means the chickens aren't in cages. Oh, wonderful right? Nope. It's basically like a huge warehouse (think Costco's) where all the chickens are piled in so tight, they're basically walking, climbing, eating, & shitting, all over each other.

So... back to how unprocessed food is changing my life.  I FINALLY FEEL FULL. Like, not even physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Emotionally full, from food? Yes... (more on this later). 

I'm not in that constant state of hunger like I was before.  I basically have no, yes NO sugar cravings. I'm not having an internal battle with myself anymore with how many macros I've gotten in, how many macros I have left, saving room for fats for treats, fighting the urge to not eat the snacks I was mentally craving.

Like I said before, my brain and body aren't getting mixed signals from sugar free sweeteners & food additives like it was before. (More to come on this!)

Remember, it's not what you eat some of the time, it's what you eat MOST of the time.

So, what do I eat most of the time? Plants. Lots of plants. Vegetables, a handful of healthy fats, moderate amount of fruits, lentils, quinoa, beans, & green smoothies.

I've never felt better. Inflammation is down, bloat is down, energy is up.

That whole "listen to your body" thing, is real.  It's so real. And it's different for everyone. 

That's why diet trend #5 from 2017 worked amazing for Sally and Sandy, but not for you.

Everyone's chemistry is different.

Oh, random side note, I also started eating my biggest meal in the middle of the day, so I don't get hangry around traditional dinner time, which is when I'm trying to feed the kids, give them a bath and put them to bed.

5-7pm  is the most hectic time of day here, so trying to sit down and a full meal myself is nearly impossible. 

Not only that, but eating the biggest meal close to bed time isn't the best thing for our digestion. Science has proven that one.

What science has NOT proven however, is that eating small meals through out the day is any better for metabolism or blood sugar, as much as the type of food it is.  

If you want to eat 3x, eat 3x. If you want to eat 6x, eat 6x. It doesn't matter.

Here's what does matter though...

Eating a donut for breakfast will obviously spike your blood sugar and make it drop much faster than eating oatmeal, which will seep into the blood stream slowly, and burn off slowly, right? I feel like we all know this, but try to justify being able to eat a donut, right? (because macros lol) 

So going forwad, back to today, I’m listening to my body. 

I’m continuing to not count calories, not weigh the food, eat what feels right, eat when I’m hungry, and finish when I’m full. 

It's time to stop dieting & start living.