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When life just feels like it’s too much… for “no apparent reason” …

On Monday, I was on top of a mountain… and the very next day, I was having a meltdown in my closet…. for “no apparent reason”

Crying. Snots. The whole nine yards.

I am really sensitive to all things technology… it feels like sensory overload for me… so anytime I can get OUTSIDE where I can ground myself into the grass, sand, ocean… or some place far far far far far away from civilization, a place like the woods or the top of a mountain, I am at my happiest.

As much as I’m grateful for internet and all the techie things, it’s equally overwhelming for me… so yea… post vacation blues compounded with whatever is happening in the sky…

DAMN Tuesday hit me HARD!!!

So there I was… curled up in a ball on my closet floor (it’s OK if you want to laugh with me)

My husband took the boys out for a ride so there I was, hit with the silence of the house, and overwhelm with the ability to do just about ANYTHING I wanted… and I chose to hide in my closet, curl up in a blanket, and cry myself to sleep.

I have days like this sometimes!

Do you?

I want to think we all do… I’m not sure though… It’s so hard to tell.

It’s harder than ever to be able to see the truth at face value when everyone's life looks so perfect online.

Before, we used to have magazine and tabloids that we would read on while standing in line at the market... That was it!

Then, slowly…. reality TV…

And NOW?

Well, social media... which is basically an extended AI version of ourselves

And we have to REALLY make a conscious DECISION to NOT compare our life to strangers on the internet… I mean… really… it happens to the best of us

scrolling scrolling scrolling, double tap, swiping through stories, swiping up, sales, bogos, everyone’s perfect hair, perfect life, perfect family, clean house, perfect views of Bali - France - Capri - Tulum, and I’m over here thinking like, wow, I can’t even GO to the bathroom in peace FORGET about traveling!

So, besides the post vacation blues of MY perfect… the mountains… and my two little friends called anxiety and depression who like to slide up in my DM’s in to say “hey girl heyyyyy" when I LEAST expect them to!! They barely even say HI anymore… they just come over unannounced are just like WE HERE!!!!


Well, that’s what I chose to do.

Dealt with it. Felt what I was feeling. Took a nap. Woke up. I drank some water. And I handled the rest of my day.

As much as I know who to manage my symptoms… being in the thick of it still feels heavy.

It still sucks. 

So I really REALLY get that, when people open up to me about it.

Just know… you’re not alone. And you’re not broken. There is nothing “wrong” with you.

You’re ALLOWED to feel your feelings.

You’re allowed to get help.

You're allowed to feel supported.

It doesn't make you weak, it actually makes you strong.

You do not need to push it down, replace the negative feeling with a positive feeling, and stay HIGH vibe.

Life is vibration.

HIGH vibrations.

LOW vibrations.



I have to ask myself… do half these people even understand the vibratory nature of the world we’re living in? Sometimes, I don’t really think so. The way these words are being tossed around like “vibe” and “manifest” … it’s really clear who is regurgitating shit that “sounds good” versus those who are really GRASPING this concept.


If we push down our feelings and simply “replace that negative thought with a positive thought”, then all that’s going to do is PUSH down the feelings that NEED to be felt…

And an eruption is bound to take place.

It may come out at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE…

Nobody really knows…

And it could manifest as ANYTHING… a fight, a bad dream, a bender, a binge, anything at all.

So, just know, it’s safe for you to feel your feelings just as much as it’s important to find tools that will help you cope and deal, so you can get out of that mental space effectively and carry on  with the life you know you were meant to live…

Because we were made for SO MUCH MORE.

If we could only learn to harness this ENERGY of frustration, anger, pain… and turn it into CREATION.

Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.

We do have the power to decide… even if that decision is to curl up in your closet and take a nap like me first

You don't need another diet

You don’t need another diet.

You don’t need another trainer, or coach, or training program, or another keto-excuse to overindulge in chocolate fat bombs before bed.

All those diets that you tried aren’t the real reason why you haven’t achieved your goals.

It’s not the program. It’s not the trainer. It’s not the coach.

It’s not your hormones. It’s not your age. 

It’s not the fact that you thumbed through the new program and because it didn’t look engaging to you, you bought it but never bothered to even begin.

The program isn’t the real reason why you didn’t show up for yourself.

The reason why you didn’t completely show up for yourself is because you haven’t found a big enough reason to commit.

It ultimately comes down to, do you want it, or do you not want it?

It’s as simple as that.

Do you want the outcome MORE than you want to put up with the status quo?

Of course you do.

You know something’s gotta change… something’s gotta give… you have to do something about it.

We all fall victim into a trap at one time or another, and realize we’re sick of being in the shit, and finally say “enough is enough.”

But… once we make that decision… how much time goes by before you fall back into complacency mode again? 

Is it a week? 2 weeks? Maybe just 5 days until you get to the weekend and say “this little bit can’t hurt, I’ll just have a LITTLE” … but a LITTLE is never ever just a little… until you’re spiraling out of control and make your oath on Sunday night to start over again on Monday…

Oh shoot, except Monday is a holiday… so how about Tuesday? Yea Tuesday sounds good.

But damn, who really starts on a Tuesday? That’s just really bad for my mindset…. so I think I’d rather wait.

Screw it…. I’ll just go crazy on the food this week and go ahead and just start next Monday.

One last binge (Oh, and you know that it’ll be a good once since this will be the LAST one!)

Ah, yes…. that feels better!!

Yea… feels so good right? You’re already planing the shopping trip… already planning what you’ll overindulge on… already planning how you will feel SO good once start next Monday…

Except… it never happens.

Monday comes and goes… because you didn’t have the willpower to STOP (because you’re body actually is craving more of what you put into it)

And you didn’t have the mindset to actually START (because what’s the point any way?)

How many of you have fall victim to this TRAP!? 

It’s a trap.

And it’s not even REAL!

I can’t tell you how many times I did this to myself.

I started my day off measuring all my food like a “good girl”.. and then here we are, right before bed, the moment I was waiting for ALL day… this was it!!

The climax of my meal plan, my perfectly measured macros, to FINALIZE my fat amount for the entire day and be just about the tastiest thing I’d allow… 1 TBSP of almond butter!!!

My mouth would fill with drool as I’d open up the jar… my heart would race… oh quickly though… have you ever SEEN what 1 TBSP of almond butter looks like?

It’s basically a sneeze worth. It’s not even anything to write home about.

And besides that, the anticipation would almost KILL me… my heart felt like it was exploding out of my chest some nights.

Finally… the TBSP was measured out and after depriving myself all day, that one little taste would put me into a tailspin and I’d polish off about 75% of the jar… feeling worse than ever.

I had it.

I couldn’t do this shit anymore.

Measuring all my food like a maniac was killing me.

This was the point where I wasn’t even COMPETING anymore… I was still measuring all my food because I had no idea HOW to eat, I had NO idea how to live my life outside of this weird food confinement I had buried myself into.

Competing had ruined my relationship with myself and how I ate, for the longest time.

I had no idea what balance was. In fact, I didn’t believe in balance.

And… eventually, I got sick of it. 

Eventually… I just stopped ALL together. JUST like that. I literally made the decision one day, and decided that was the new normal, and I stuck with it.

I still low-key eyeballed things, and acted like I was remaining within my “guidelines”, whatever that means, but if I wanted to have an avocado AND cook with coconut oil, I did…

I know… doesn’t that sound SO ridiculous!? 

Things that are considered healthy to a “normal” person who probably eats fast food a few times a week and thinks nothing of it… I’m over here obsessing over an avocado?

Eventually…. I stopped.

Not at first… but over time… I slowly was able to NOT freak out and have a full fledge anxiety attack.

During that summer of 2014… when I FINALLY stopped weighing my food and obsessing over calories… I was still at the point where I was weighing myself on the scale… (a habit I have now broken myself of) … THAT was the summer that I dropped 20 pounds without even trying.

It was the FIRST time in my life, that I lost weight, without having the intention to lose weight. 

I lost weight because I had finally detached myself from the outcome, and solely focused on the transformation… and for the first time, I allowed myself to live in the moment, and not in some weird place in the future.

Previously, I wasn’t able to go ONE minute without doing food math or calculating new meals to incorporate with my current macros… it was ridiculous.

I had just gotten SO tired of how I was living.

I threw my hands up in the air and said I KNOW there is a better way.

Eventually though… LIKE HOW I DID… you do get sick of your own shit.

You know THIS isn’t working… so you hunt, you try to find a new plan, a new diet, a new trainer, a new coach, a new Facebook group where you can absorb all the content but still hide behind the masses, so that way, when you don’t stick to it, nobody new anyway…

But come ON! When is enough going to be enough though??

There are basically 4 easy steps to stopping this madness… 

Step 1: Get tired of your own shit

Step 2: Draw a line in the sand

Step 3: Decide that you WILL commit

Step 4: Figure out how to get from Point A to Point B.

All this time you’ve been started at Step 4 (the new diet, new trainer, new program, new pinterest board) and trying to get from Point A to Point B without going through Step 1 through 3… 

Until you get to the point where you are absolutely and fully tired of your own shit, you finally make that decision to draw a line in the sand and say NO fucking more, and DECIDE to FULLY commit TO YOURSELF… will you ever get to Point B.

You’ll always be stuck at point A, in this weird revolving door going round and round around point A… you might be beside it, in back of it, in front of it, but you never FULLY leave point A behind you because you were never fully able to completely commit in the first place… 

First, I think, in my actual opinion, is the real reason we can’t even get to the point of drawing a line in the sand is because even though we are tired of our own shit, it's almost comfy there.

We haven't really embraced what it would feel like to have a new feeling, or a new experience, because we can’t even really IMAGINE what it would be like there… 

And so, the shit is kind of… comforting.

How would it be if we actually … DID it? If we finally MADE it? 

Then what would people think or say… to us… to our faces… or worse… behind our backs?

It’s like… yea a new diet will give you the tools to eat certain foods, restrict, eliminate, whatever have you, because my opinion on diets is that they actually DO all work. Are they sustainable? Are they healthy? Ehhh, that’s debatable on WHAT it is and that’s for another conversation.

What it doesn’t give you typically, is the mindset and lifestyle tools that enable you to continue the plan for life, and implement change. REAL change. The kind of change where you’re not even thinking thoughts like “I must stay on this diet” or “I can’t have this” or “I have to wait for my cheat day” or “I’ve been bad” or “I’ve been good”… 

Once you DECIDE… you make the commitment to implement the tools, to not only train yourself to eat differently, but to also train your mind to be strong in the beginning to make the choice to NOT eat an entire jar of frosting that you’ve hidden in the back of the fridge…

Once you decide and commit, every cell in your being begins to SHIFT.

It’s a TOTAL shift.

And soon… EVERYTHING starts to feel easy.

It starts to flow. 

You’re not freaking out on every little thing anymore, because you’re in alignment now.

It FINALY feels easy.

It almost feels surreal with how easy it all feels….

It’s possible for this to happen INSTANTLY, with minutes of daily practice… instead of suffering through lifetimes because you refuse to do make small adjustments to your daily lifestyle, or forget about refuse… suffering simply because you don’t know where to start.

If I can do it, anyone can.

I’m not anymore special than anyone else.

What did I do?

I changed my eating habits, I tweaked my lifestyle, and I allowed myself to get in total alignment with how I wanted to live versus how I was currently living. 

I started meditating everyday. I listened to brain entrainment audios as I slept and on my way to work. I removed myself from social media, deleted my accounts. I stopped chasing ideals that lacked substance. I fed my mind with new books and philosophies that required me to think and question things.

I repeated this everyday, for the last 4 years, bringing me to this point, here now, serving those who are finally ready to embark on this journey themselves.

We are going in DEEP for a 4 Week Shift 

Nutrition - Soul - Mindset - Lifestyle 

We are putting in WORK.

Message me for details!

Wanting it ALL is perfectly OK!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being motivated by an external factor AS LONG AS THAT FACTOR is NOT determining your self worth.

It's OK to want the perfect body

Because the perfect body is not ONE particular size

It's not ONE particular shape

It's not ONE particular age

It's not ONE particular weight

It's not ONE particular height

Perfection lies within the imperfections that make us ALL unique

Perfect is not flawless

In my heart of hearts, I do believe that we are ALL perfect... and yet NO ONE is flawless 

(because HIIII we are human, not robots!! well... yet anyways!!!)

We should ALL be accepting of our OWN biological blueprint, our OWN bodies... and YET have the self awareness to recognize when we are NOT living testaments of our highest potential... 

Unconditional love and acceptance of one's body doesn't mean to YOLO out every damn day, use and abuse it, and make it write bad checks...

Unconditional love and acceptance of one's body should mean treating it with care and support.

OH! And just to be CLEAR...

Don't think that EVERYONE who works outs and "eats clean" is doing this from a place of self love....

I used to PUNISH my body on a daily basis UNTIL... I learned what self love really is... 

And even though I "looked" the part... I was FAR from

So here's my point... looks can be deceiving... which is exactly WHY I say, love, love, love... 

We all need more love

We all need to just be NICER ... beginning with OURSELVES

But damn... when that pre-programmed beliefs were written 30 years ago and it's been running on autopilot ever since... how do you upgrade a faulty system?


That's where we step in TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow we start

10 days of:



MINDSET shifts

SOUL shifts 

10 days of UNLIMITED support 

Payment plan options are NOW available!!!

WHAT are you WAITING for???

Next time... next time... next time... next time... 

And continue to SUFFER in this miserable never ending feedback loop... like a scratched record???

REPEATING the same stories ... over and over....

To rationalize it? To make sense of it all?


We don't DO "next time" in this house... 

We do it NOW or we don't do it at all... 

Because if it's not a HELL YES it's a HARD NO!

AAAAAAALLL the details in the LINK below!!!

What if you just DECIDED?

I’m quickly learning that no matter what, people don’t really care what “to” do, they still want to know what “I” do…

OK Gina, this is great, but what do YOU eat? How do YOU train? … 

And no matter how much I can say, well I’m not you and you’re not me, and we have different physical, mental and emotional needs, nobody cares, they still WANT to KNOW!!


I’m gonna give it to you!!!

The CRAZIEST and COOLEST thing about sharing THIS is that, what I DO do is actually no different than what I say for YOU to DO!

I mean, yes, we all have a unique blueprint BUT the very basis is all quite simply the same… and THEN we tweak it out on an individual basis

SOOOOOO…. I’m including a BONUS training in the 10 Day Reset, which starts next Monday, and it is EXACTLY... WHAT I EAT IN ONE WEEK

Yes, specifically ME… I’m spilling everything

All the secrets, all the not so secrets, how I prep it out, what I actually COOK and what I eat RAW… What I get fresh and what I get frozen, what I get in bulk and what I get at the BIG box stores… you’ll be surprised at actually how FAST & CHEAP this all really is!!

Eating healthy doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. 

I’ll show you! It’s part of the program!!

What’s also part of the BIGGER program, I mean, think about it for a second… that all of a sudden it was healthy does not equal expensive because well, if everyone’s health was ON POINT then what… 

Can you IMAGINE!?

A massive, collective, universal awakening and even… a revolution?

What IF you just DECIDED that it was easy, it was affordable, and it was a proper investment?

What if you JUST decided?

Like, right now…


And say to yourself… 

I always eat right for my body.
It’s easy to make the right choices.
I never feel a discord around the choices I make.
I don’t feel guilty around the food choices I make.
I am always divinely guided and aligned with the choices I make, because the choices I make are here to serve my highest good, and the good of everyone around me, and as long as my choices are of service, then it will never be wrong.
It is safe to say I’m worthy.
It is my birthright to look and feel my best every day.
I know that my outer-world is a reflection of my inner-world, and when I feel discord inside, it shows up on the outside, and still I choose to shift that.
I choose to shift resistance to flow.
I choose to let it all go.
It is safe to say that I choose to have the perfect body, because I know that perfect isn’t a specific height, or a specific size, or a specific weight, or a specific age, it is perfect because it is.
It is who I am, imperfectly perfect, in every way.
My body is always working hard for me everyday to keep me here, calibrated, steadfast, even after everything I put it through, it’s still here.
It’s safe to say that I love myself, unconditionally.
It’s safe to say I feel sexy.
It’s safe to be unapologetically EXTRA AF.
It’s safe to wear my hair in two buns on head because IDGAF <3

Say it.

Feel it.

Believe it.

It is done.

Is Sleep Loss Slowing Down Your Metabolism?


Is sleep loss bad for your metabolism?


Can sleep loss affect your metabolism, cause weight gain and even affect your body's ability to store fat? In a recent study I found... yes it can!

First, let's look at something important that is responsible for your natural sleep cycle, and this natural cycle is called the circadian rhythm. 

Circadian rhythm is often referred to as the body’s internal clock, also known as the natural sleep-wake cycle.  Circadian rhythm is responsible for allowing us to get tired at night when the sun goes down, and waking us up in the morning when the sun rises. The environment and seasons can help the body’s natural circadian rhythm, or hinder it, depending on where a person lives on the earth. Obviously, if someone lives in Alaska, they’ll have a harder time falling asleep when they are “supposed to” during the summer, since there is daylight almost 24 hours a day. The same would be true for the winter months, when it is mostly dark.

Have you ever noticed that during the winter months, when the sun sets earlier, you also get tired earlier? This is because the body is very attuned to picking up cues from it’s environment.

Anything that keeps us up throughout the night, whether it’s something in our control, like working an overnight shift, or something out of our direct control, like insomnia, will disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm, bringing a potential onslaught of physical, mental and even emotional disruptions.

It’s important to know that when we sleep, hormones are secreted that help optimize the body. If the body’s sleep-wake cycle is disrupted, this means that the hormone release is also disrupted, which will lead to health problems down the road.


What chemicals get released during sleep and why are they important?


What chemicals get released during sleep and why are they important?

Melatonin: this chemical helps determine that it is time to go to sleep. It can also be taken as a supplement to help you get sleepy. It’s produced in the pineal gland and is released with increased darkness. 

Growth Hormone: this chemical is produced in the pituitary gland and is essential for tissue repair and growth.

Oxytocin: also known as the “love” hormone, because it is released during child birth, breastfeeding, hugging, orgasm, and even sleep! This chemical peaks after 5 hours of sleep, which is another great reason to get that sleep!

Antidiuretic Hormone: also known as ADH, this hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and prevents the production of dilute urine. It tells your kidneys how much water to conserve and also regulates the amount of water in your blood.

Prolactin: this chemical is produced in the pituitary gland and is involved in over 300 functions in the body, including metabolism, lactation (if you’re a breastfeeding mama) and the immune system.


Which hormone will wake me up?

Now, you may be asking... which hormone will wake me up?

This hormone is… cortisol!

Cortisol is the chemical that helps wake you up! Yes, you may associate this as the “stress hormone”, but cortisol isn’t all bad, all the time!  

As you can see, when the body isn’t getting enough sleep, the brain won’t be able to release enough of these important chemicals, which may ultimately create health problems in the long run.

How lack of sleep can affect your metabolism:

Now, onto the good stuff!

It’s obvious that with a lack of sleep, or constant sleep disruption, the body won’t be able to work as efficiently. It’s clear that if the brain isn’t producing enough chemicals during the sleep cycle, it will affect how your body works during the wake cycle. 

Now, just how does this affect the metabolism?

A recent study shows “sleep loss increases the risk of obesity through a combination of effects on energy metabolism.” 

What does this mean exactly? It means that lack of sleep, and lack of good quality sleep, is related to changes in appetite, metabolism, motivation, physical activity and even a combination of all of those factors.  Even though the underlying cause is still not clear, the fact that doctors have found a link between sleep loss and weight gain is huge!

One particular study I found suggests that sleep loss correlates and even favors weight gain in humans (this specific study was performed with human models, and not animal models). 

The study took a group of adults, and measured the behavioral, physiological, and biochemical responses to food, following sleep deprivation. The study showed that when a person was sleep deprived, they were more likely to prefer large portions of food, consume more calories, experience more pleasure from food, exhibit signs of increased food-related impulsivity, and also expend less energy. 

In short, this means that less sleep could result in increased hunger, larger portions, and more intense cravings.

As we all know by now, the nasty equation for weight gain is an increase of calories in, and a decrease of calories out. What is a calorie after all? It’s simply a measurement of energy.

Aside from behavior, what happens beneath the surface is just as fascinating. The study group’s physiological factors showed that sleep loss affects hormonal balance; particularly the hormones that are directly linked with feelings of hunger and fullness. Besides that, there was also an imbalance of gut bacteria, which is responsible for digestion, nutrient absorption and the metabolism; and a reduced sensitivity to insulin, which in turn can lead to other health conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

As a conclusion to this, it may be suggested that improving sleep could be a simple and promising lifestyle change to reduce the risk of future weight gain.

HOLLA!!! (I love me some sleep!!)

How do you sleep, in general? Have you noticed a direct link with hunger or cravings when you get less sleep? I would love to know!


3 Baby Bath Products I'm Straight Obsessed with Right Now


I am constantly on the HUNT for better and better non-toxic baby products, and when I find something I love, I not only stick with it, but shout it from the roof tops!

I know, it's like, what's the deal with non-toxic anyways? And if that other stuff was "so bad", then, wouldn't "they" tell us? Well... they ARE. 

With companies like J&J admitting that there is formaldehyde in their tear free baby shampoo, more and more parents are becoming privy to the fact that this sh*t matters!  In fact, the United States government has officially labeled formaldehyde as a carcinogen, and the EPA has had it classified as a carcinogen since 1987.  There have been a number of studies that show formaldehyde does indeed cause cancer in both rats and humans, and studies of people who work around embalming fluid (like embalmers) have shown that they have a higher rate of cancer than other groups. The facts are clear and the numbers don't lie.  What's it doing in baby shampoo to begin with?

Oh, and I have an entire GUIDE dedicated to very very VERY common household and environmental toxins located HERE in my Free Resource Library

(No obscene amount of downloads, just free content in ONE happy and free place!)

So onto the GOOD stuff now... my gold mine of a find. If you don't know about this company yet, look 'em up. They're amazing. 

First off, they are backed with the MADE SAFE (Made with Safe Ingredients™) seal, meaning that the products are literally made with ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health harm. is the first certification to apply to a wide range of consumer products, so you can find it on items across store aisles.

Certified products are made without known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, fire retardants, GMOs, heavy metals, neurotoxins, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs. It then goes above and beyond: Ingredients have been further examined by a chemist for bioaccumulation (builds up in our bodies), persistence (builds up in the environment), and general and aquatic toxicity.

This is revolutionary. In short, it means that for the first time you can trust that products are made without toxic chemicals known to harm our health.

Alaffia is proud to be part of pioneering the MADE SAFE seal, which will help consumers feel confident about their purchases. (Learn more at

The lemon and lavender combo will leave your baby smelling so fresh, squeaky clean and ready for post bath time snuggles and a good nights rest.

I'm straight OBSESSED with these products.  So much that I bought the adult versions for myself (EveryDay Shea Body Wash & EveryDay Shea Body Lotion)


The three products pictured here are the Bubble Bath, Body Lotion, and the Shampoo & Body Wash, all formulated for babies gentle skin care needs.

I originally found these products through Thrive Market, but you can find them on Amazon by clicking the pics below (hello PRIME, what what!!) so whatever you fancy is best for you.

If you try Alaffia products for your babies, or toddlers, or big kids, or yo'SELF, tag me and let me know what you think!


12 Reasons Your Food Cravings Are Out of Control

Food cravings can be caused by a number of reasons that are BEYOND just physical, or even mental & emotional

Sometimes it might feel like something has literally taken over your body

My first two "go -to's" when it comes to the reason for cravings are

  1. nutritional deficiencies
  2.  yeast overgrowth (aka Candida)

Think of Candida like this... Ok, so do you remember the movie Gremlins? And they multiplied when they got wet? No? You've never seen the movie?


Stop what you're doing... Go find that 80s classic. Watch it!... and come back

Ok cool, welcome back!

SO, that's basically how candida reacts to SUGAR in our body.

Water : Gremlins = Sugar : Candida

And yes, these microscopic organisms inside our body are very much alive and in control when it comes to sugar cravings... so when it feels like it's just "not you", you're absolutely right

Food cravings can occur due to a number of reasons. The more we eat things like processed food, refined sugar, saturated fats and fried foods, the more our body will crave it on not only a physical, but also a neurological level [more to come on this].  It's a viscous cycle that occurs on a cellular level, and an emotional level.

Below is a list of the most common causes of food cravings, some tangible like dehydration, some intangible like unresolved past trauma.  I'm actually putting together an intense program that will dive deep into why we get such intense food cravings, how to combat these cravings, and break free from feeling out of control.  

There's so much more to it than "mind over matter".  There's a huge debate over the idea that it's easier for some people, and harder for others. I'm happy to say that there's proven evidence that cravings run much deeper than simply "getting a taste" for something, and after seeing this evidence, I have to confirm that YES it really is easier for some, and harder for others. 

Here's a list of 12 reasons your cravings might be running rampant:

• Dehydration

• Nutritional deficiencies

• Depleted brain chemistry (low neurotransmitters)

• Low calorie dieting

• Unresolved trauma

• Stress

• Blood sugar instability

• Low thyroid function

• Allergies

• An imbalance of hormones

• Parasites or yeast overgrowth (parasites can be triggered by antibiotics, travel, or pets)

• Fatty acid deficiency

The good news is, there are strategies that your Transformational Nutrition Coach (Hi, that's me) can put together with you, that work with your lifestyle. 

Some of the things on this list sound really obvious, like dehydration for instance. Other items on the list sound really deep, like unresolved trauma.  Some items are biological, like thyroid and blood sugar... and others sound far out there, like depleted brain chemistry or fatty acid deficiency.  

The body is whole. We can't target one area, without it affecting another area. That's why, if we're lacking in nutrients, it may trigger hormone & adrenal levels, blood sugar, and ultimately brain chemistry (neurotransmitters). When we tackle the mind & body as one unit, it's like a ripple effect.  Added nutrients and fatty acids will balance your hormone, adrenals, and blood sugar, which will in turn boost your mood and brain chemistry.  The list goes on and on with how it's all one. We have to tackle it as one. 

If you are concerned about hormones, adrenals, or blood sugar, contact your health care provider, and see if you can get appropriate tests.

Buy your self some flowers & chocolate

OH look! It’s another made up holiday for everyone to seek outside validation!!

I get it. We all want to feel loved, appreciated, like we are that special someone in someone else's life… I mean, besides that... chocolate, diamonds, roses, perfume... isn’t that what all women want? *sarcasm inserted*

(can I just get some green juice and a 10 hour nap?)

There’s so much pressure to live this life on someone else’s terms!!!  Does this sound familiar?

  1. Go to college right after high school (validation from society)

  2. Get a “good” job (validation from parents)

  3. Find someone to marry and settle down (validation from ego)

  4. Have kids (validation from family/ peer group)

  5. Enjoy a measly 12 weeks of hormone induced, sleep deprived maternity leave before you have to go back to the soul sucking cubicle farm where you get to slave away until your 65, and then (next exit on the right... the never ending one way road called mom-guilt)

  6. Retire? or even… (wow life went by so fast)

  7. Get another job to supplement your income because you SHOULD be retired and enjoying life, but the way the economy is going and everything… (damn, this really sucks)

  8. Enter a midlife crisis because things should be different now because you followed the blueprint for the typical American dream (how's that for living life taking advice from someone else who is nowhere near you ever wanted to be)

I’m confused.  The above scenario might work for some people. I get it (ok, actually, I really don't get it... that sounds horrible!!) 

Here's what I DO get though... I get that it might feel safe and cozy to have feeling of security, the weekly income, the health insurance, the 401k with company match... but… if you hate it... then why are you doing it?

OMG why am I talking about leaving your 9-5 when I started off talking about Valentine's day!?

I'm glad you made it this far... it has to do with living life on YOUR terms... or someone else's terms.

We get so caught up in living our life with how we think it’s “supposed” to look like, or how our parents want it to be, that we forget, or even worse, never even realize that we GET to create the life that we want.


We CREATE the life we want.

Not happy? 

Change your thoughts. Those thoughts that you think all day, on autopilot… those thoughts that you were programmed to think since you were a child, before you realized you actually have a choice. 

Yea... those thoughts. Change them. But.. HOW? Think a different thought. One that feels better. Yeeeaaaa... it's that simple in the beginning.


Change your behaviors. Those daily behaviors that you do all day, on autopilot… ya know… autopilot… how you can drive to work everyday without thinking or even remembering each and every turn and stop light. Or how you can navigate through an entire chapter in a book and not remember a word you read? That.

Start… where?


Start. Within.

How are you treating yourself? Do you take the time to listen to your body when it’s tired? Or do you push through because society tells us it’s cool to hustle 24/7.

It’s OK to rest! #1… listen to, and honor your body. It’s more intelligent than the rational mind.

Do you tell yourself that you are amazing, intelligent, badass, beautiful, and caring? Or do you look in the mirror and exaggerate every flaw you see?

It’s OK to love yourself!! #2… loving and honoring yourself is the fastest way to overflow love onto other people. How can you pour from an empty cup? You can't. 

Do you set boundaries and say NO when you need to? Or are you too busy pleasing everyone else besides yourself that it is literally killing you.

Say NO! #3… this isn’t mean! No is not a dirty word. If you keep saying YES to something or someone out of guilt or fear, set up a simple boundary. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first, but NO is enough. You don’t need a reason. No is a word, and also a full sentence.

How are you honoring your body? Are you nourishing it with nutrient rich whole foods? Or are you consuming large amounts of "bad mood" food? (Caffeine, fried foods, processed wheat, refined sugar, saturated fats) 

#4… treat your body the way you would treat anyone you love… with care, love, and kindness.

Hmm… how about this one… are you constantly looking for outside sources of validation to make you feel better? Things like… Facebook comments, Instagram likes, new clothes, new makeup, plastic surgery… 

What if… all the compliments that you seek from the outside, you start telling yourself, with that little but strong voice, on the inside? 

#5… tell yourself that you LOVE yourself, that you love EVERYTHING about yourself, hell, you even LIKE yourself! This isn’t vain, or narcissistic. Those behaviors are actually the opposite of what people think… true narcissistic personality disorder occurs when a person not only lacks empathy, but constantly seeking outside validation and admiration. It is MORE than OK for you to love on yourself!! This is not weird! If you don't love you, no one will love you!

Do you constantly judge yourself for not having enough, or being where you feel like you "should" be in life… or worse, judge others for having more than you, and being jealous that they have these external, surface items, and you don’t?

#6… give yourself some GRACE!!! Greatness takes time… the bigger the dream, the longer the time line. These overnight successes are, well, just not true. People who appear to “have it all” have taken years, even decades, to build their empire when no one was really watching.


It starts with you.

It starts within.

Self love, self talk,  self worth, self respect, visualization, connection with spirit… this isn’t a “place” you finally arrive at… it’s a FEELING that starts inside.

It starts inside, and it grows… as long as you nourish it with things that will make it grow. Things like positive self talk, positive self thoughts, respect and love for yourself.  

If Olympic athletes can use visualization to improve athletic performance, you can certainly use it to improve your life. Let's stop making it so hard.

Start with a vision for yourself, your life, anything you could possibly want, and do NOT put a limit on it because it’s not "reasonable".  Let your imagine RUN wild!!

When is the last time you used your imagination in a childlike way? 

Start there. Imagine if…

Now, think about the way you feel… imagine if… you felt the way you WANTED to feel… feel into that now.

What does it look like? 

What does it feel like?

Feel into it! Close your eyes… and let your mind drift…

Feel into this love… let it consume you and pour out of you.

Now… stop feeling bad if you’re other half doesn’t get you flowers on VDay… go out and buy your own damn self some flowers… and LIKE it!

No… better yet… LOVE IT!

Ranch Dressing & Living Your Soul Purpose

Happiness & Wellness go hand and hand

The mind is not separate from the body.

Everything is connected. Everything gets sent to and from the brain. 

If our brain is the computer, our central nervous system is the network.

All day, without us even trying, the network is sending billions upon billions of signals, to the brain, effortlessly.

That doesn’t mean though, because it is effortless, that it is perfect, and everything goes as planned.

If there are too many tabs open on your computer, what happens to the network? … (hint: it slows down)

If there are too many tabs open in your brain, what happens to your network? … (hint: it slows down)

Happiness & Wellness are best friends. They love to take long romantic walks down the beach, especially at sunset.

Happiness & Wellness are not just about “being positive” and “eating healthy” … no no no. 

It’s a fact that yes, health & wellness includes improvement to diet, exercise, and reducing stress… but as I start to talk about reducing stress, it automatically brings me over to the happiness continuum… and so I restart with reducing stress, increasing the positive experiences and decreasing negative, saying goodbye to all lower energy people, things, and behaviors, identifying your own strengths, a sense of purpose, instilling values, opening up your imagination… remembering who you are.

It’s January 2nd and I know so many people have new year resolutions to lose weight… but losing weight isn’t gonna cut it. That is not a deep enough reason… what stands behind that number?  How will that number make you feel? I mean… really feel into that. Now… stop. 

Think about those feelings… and replace that “number” with the emotion.  

Make “that” your why.  THAT is your why.  The number has nothing to do with it.

I’ve had COUNTLESS clients achieve their goal weight, and guess what… they were still miserable, sad, feeling lost, feeling empty… and they couldn't figure out why.


Because the purpose attached to a goal is everything. 

Saying “I want to lose 30 lbs” just isn’t enough.  I’m not even sorry to say that. 

You could get deathly ill and lose 30lbs… then what? No seriously, you’d be at your goal weight… wouldn’t you? I know you’re rolling your eyes like “girl, please” right now, but this is what I’m talking about. The NUMBER is not enough.  

Find a bigger reason, and you will never get stuck in that cycle again.

I promise you!

Ok, but how… how how HOW!!???

Look at your daily acitvity. Do you sit all day? Do you have a physical job?

Now, look at the food you eat. Do you eat well? Do you eat foods rich in omegas that will power you brain all day? Do you eat starches that are low glycemic to keep your blood sugar steady, to keep you from crashing? Or… are you grabbing snacks out of the vending machine? How much of your food is processed? Have you ever even thought about it? Do you think is matters? 

I can tell you this much. 

It does. It matters.

The quality of food, matters the most with how your body and brain are performing… and this is directly linked to emotional well being.

Just because something is packaged up on a label and “safe” for human consumption (so we think, do we really know?), doesn’t mean it should be for human consumption. 

Why are GMO’s banned in Europe, yet in America, they are trying to ban labeling? 

Does that make sense? 

Ok… now think about what you ate today… think about what’s in your fridge, and in the cabinet. 

Take stock. 

I’m not talking about the fact that you post your ONE salad a week on instagram and hashtag #healthy #fitspo #lifestyle.

I’m asking you to get real with yourself.

Ranch dressing… not healthy.

Hotdogs and deli meat… not healthy.

Cheddar cheese rice cakes… not healthy.

Fast Food… not healthy.

We KNOW this. But if we all already know this, how are all these fast food joints still in business?

Because knowing just isn’t enough.

You do not need to get your “healthy fats” from an avocado after you’ve already exceeded you unhealthy fats from (yes I’m going extreme here) McD’s.

The MICROnutrients are more important than the MACROnutrients.

Yes, we NEED fat to function (especially our brains), so grab it from a healthy source.

Well, how do we even cut through the confusion to figure out what’s “healthy”? … (that’s where I come in)

STOP the madness with the “fat free” movement.

Run (don’t walk)… RUN… far far away from fat free cheese, fat free sour cream, fat free coffee creamer, fat free yogurt, fat free ice cream, fat free salad dressing… fat free anything that you probably wouldn’t eat in it’s FULL fat form… don’t f**kng eat it in it’s fat free form!!! 

But, if you would absolutely, no doubt about it, WOULD eat it in it’s full fat form (something like ice cream)… DO IT! I’m seriously telling you, DO.IT.  Eat the full fat icecream… it’s undergone a hell of a lot LESS processing and most likely has less ingredients, less fillers and less preservatives than the fat-free ice cream (granted that it’s a quality ice cream… I’m not talking about McD’s soft serve… let us count how many ingredients are in that cluster f**k of a science experiment… but not right now… I’ve already gone way off track.)

Anyway, stop justifying things that are unhealthy with “getting in your macros”, or if you don’t know what macros are… getting in an unhealthy food just for the sake of it being a protein/ carb/ fat.

You do not need to get protein in with deli meats and nitrate riddled mystery meat 

Stop justifying it.

Think about HOW you feel. HOW do you FEEL? I mean … REALLY FEEL!?!?!?

If you feel like something has to change… it probably does.

I am saying this with so much love.

And if you don’t know what it even IS… it’s ok!! So many of us don’t at first! It’s fine! As long as you know there is something not aligning with you anymore… that’s the first start.

You can pinpoint it, if you want to… well, you will need to pinpoint it eventually, or else it will never ever change.

If you feel off… and don’t know why… begin here: 

Take inventory for a few minutes (before something shiny catches your eye)

Everyday… pay attention. 

Pay attention to how you feel.

Physically (are you tired, full of energy, weak, strong, forgetful)
Emotionally (are you on edge, feeling like a zombie, emotional, emotionless)

Spiritually (do you feel like “what’s the point”, do you know your purpose in life, do you pray, do you meditate, do you talk to your higher self, do you connect with God/source/universe/white light of divine love, whatever you want to call it)

Take inventory.

Pay attention. 

Start there.

When you feel like you know you need to change something, but just can’t figure out where to start, call me, message me, email me… get. at. me.

I help educate overwhelmed and burnt out women, who are dying to cut through the bullsh**t of todays fad diets and exercise trends. 

You’re not a woman? It’s fine…  I have space for you.

Together, we will get you unstuck, so you can finally understand what you're truly hungry for, and in the process, experience massive personal transformation.

Stop dieting & start living.


Do You Self-Sabatoge


A phrase that can either comfort, or trigger.

I just finished 2 rounds of HIIT training, in my living room, with one baby asleep on the couch, and the other one mesmerized by me. 

I think it’s because it’s the most he has seen me move in his entire 9 months on this planet. He’s used to looking up at me, with his big blue innocent eyes, from right underneath my boob, or sitting across from him with a spoonful of mush aiming towards his face. 

Either way, I’m sure he’s super confused with what’s going on, but definitely entertained.

I wanted to join the gym this week.  I went to re-enroll, and there was a $75 sign-up fee.  Not to be stingey, but I damn well know that they waive this fee on January 1st (every year), so I said, daggone it, (with my credit card in hand!!!) and convinced myself to wait.

But I’m getting antsy. I want to get moving.

But, I’m also lazy. I mean, I don’t act lazy, but I think deep-down, I want everything yesterday with putting little to no effort in.

I mean... don’t we all? 

I’m the type of person who will read through my old workouts, or watch someone else workout on Instagram, for the same amount of time it would have taken me to do an at home number myself. 

But again, don’t we all?

Yes yes yes!!!

Today, I finally said… F** this sh**!! I needed to sweat. I was dying to get my heart rate up. I needed to feel a burn. I want to wake up tomorrow knowing I’m a little sore from what I did today.

I have been neck deep in work & babies, and putting my fitness by the wayside. 

It’s fine though… we all go through the ebb & flow.  And when you feel ready, you just do.

I stand 100% behind going with the flow and allowing release… definitely not to resist.

Sometimes, there is so much sh** on your plate, timing is not right, and as the saying goes, “when it rains it pours”… but come on now, we all know those moments last a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, and then time opens up again. 

It always does.

Well. I’m ready. I worked out all throughout my pregnancies, but that was the EASY part because the baby is in the oven, protected... not trying to crawl beneath my jump squats.

Things don’t really get hard until the baby is HERE… then the second… then the third.

But the funny thing is, time goes by SO FAST!!! This itty bitty baby is already 9 months! I admit that I massively slowed down, and I’m so glad I did. 

I haven’t missed a moment. Not one. I have been here for the first smile, the first roll, the first crawl, the first babble, the first giggle, the first steps, the teething fevers, the sleepless nights, all of it!!!

But, I’m ready.  I’m ready to get my groove back. 

So …. drum roll please…. I did it!!! I f**kn did. IT.

Coming from a former gym-junkie… I can’t even believe I have to give myself that internal pep talk to exercise.

You know when you’re just so… ready? RIGHT!?

You get excited… SO so so pumped up. And then… you share your enthusiasm with the person who you love the most, and they… well, let’s say they’re not on board.

But you do it anyway! Because, you’re bettering yourself, dammit!!

And you start to see changes… that top layer of baby fat is slowly melting away. You can start to see that sexy definition in your legs and arms… your clothes don’t fit so you have to go buy new clothes… you catch a glimpse of that mirror you just walked by and DAMN you feel good!

So good, you HAVE to snap a selfie.

You have a confidence that you can’t quite explain… you’re walking different, you’re feeling different… 

And then…

It strikes.

The self-sabatoge.

You start to feel guilty… 

OMG. What if my partner/ spouse/ husband/ boyfriend/ finance starts to think that I’m trying to look sexy for other people to take notice… oh shit… I better hold back a bit… I’m starting to look a little TOO good (nom'sayinnn')… I don’t want him to get mad at me... so I better stop.


Self-sabatoge example #2…

You start to think you’re too good for the plan, and you forget about ALL the hard you put in… so you dial it out a bit.

You slack off by taking a day off here or there, or slowly revert back to your old behaviors because you think “it can’t hurt” … 

Because you forget!

But it does… it does hurt. And that 30 day challenge you just did… well, it doesn’t really matter because you’re back where you were… you don’t feel good anymore


So you start over again. Maybe. Maybe after that holiday in a month (eye roll), or that party where there will be all that cake (double eye roll) or that vacation that you purposely paid all-inclusive to eat ALL the food, or… 

(fill in the blank _______)

Seriously… fill in the blank.

Why am I preaching to the choir… because I have BEEN there!

The unsupportive spouse, the kids who need me 24/7, the job that I am neck deep in, the upcoming parties with ALL the food, you NAME it… we ALL have a reason, or two, or ten…  to put it off. 

But… when you find a reason that is BIGGER than your excuses, that’s when you’ve nailed it. 

Hold on... wait wait wait... I’ll give you one.


Wait, what? What do I mean? … 

YOU?  You mean... me? 


You are enough. 

You are worthy.

You deserve this.

A better you, a healthier you… no other reason in the world will cut it. 

Do you have kids? Do you want to be able to run around and play with them? Keep up with them at the playground? Be around to keep up with THEIR kids?  Of course you do. 

Maybe you don’t have kids. Do you have anybody in the entire world that you care about?  Yes? I know you do. 

Think about this… when you make yourself priority #1, you will in turn be able to be a better human, all around, for that person. 

If you put anyone, or anything, consistently ahead of yourself… the well will eventually run dry. 

Stop the self-sabatoge. 

Find a sustainable nutrition program that works WITH your lifestyle, not against it.  

You need to be able to love the food you eat, and love how it’s nourishing your body from the inside.

Find a workout plan that works WITH you, your lifestyle, and even your personality… not against you.

OMG… good thing I know how to do ALL these things for you!

The bottom line is, all of these things should be working in unison with your life, not against it.

Food prep can be easy.  

Exercise can be easy (well, it’s still work but you won’t die)

You do not need a gym membership to start. 

You do not need a pre-workout or supplements up the a** to start.

Stop the excuses. 

Stop the self-sabatoge. 

And most of all, stop dieting & start living.


Unprocessed food: My prediction for the next diet "trend"

It’s been about a month since we’ve gone unprocessed and been really paying attention to intuitive eating. 

What exactly is intuitive eating?

It's when you are super mindful about what you're doing when you eat, and paying attention to how you feel. (basically, no zoning out on the TV with a bag of chips, mindlessly dipping your hand into the depths of darkness... oh wait... I mean... the bag.)

Basically, it's really simple. It's a "back to basics" ideal.

First things first, I have a huge appetite. I can usually eat and eat and eat, but since we started going unprocessed, I feel like my appetite has dwindled down. It's because I'm eating whole grains, seeds, roots, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats (no wheat, no processed sugar, no processed foods), so my brain and body aren't getting mixed signals from sugar free sweeteners & food additives like it was before. (More to come on this!)

So, here’s what we do now. We make everything from scratch, with mostly organic, non-gmo ingredients, preferably local. I say mostly, because it's like an 90/10 split.  So, example... if we eat pasta, pasta is obviously a processed food, but there's black bean pasta, chickpea pasta, whole wheat pasta... there are so much more options than traditional semolina pasta.  But why?  

With enriched pasta, the word "enriched" sounds good, but it's actually not. The ingredients in enriched pasta are broken down and put back together.  Any vitamin that was in the natural outer casing of the wheat, has been broken down, removed, and a man-made form of the vitamins have been added back in "enriching" the product.  Try to stay away if you can.  This type of food is extremely hard for the body to digest.  

Second... I've said goodbye to all forms of meat, chicken, and fish. Not intentionally at first... I just haven't been wanting to cook meat or eat meat, so it kind of just phased out on it's own, from me listening to my body.

Now, about chickens. We have backyard chickens (they are so much fun!), so if we want eggs, we can go get eggs. Super convenient for baking ;)

If you want to eat eggs, I suggest getting free-range and NOT cage-free.

Free range means they get to go outside... but even still, I think by law the "outside" is something ridiculously small, like a 10x10 square inch of grass or something.  The absolute BEST option is to find a local farmer, and get your eggs from them.

Cage free means the chickens aren't in cages. Oh, wonderful right? Nope. It's basically like a huge warehouse (think Costco's) where all the chickens are piled in so tight, they're basically walking, climbing, eating, & shitting, all over each other.

So... back to how unprocessed food is changing my life.  I FINALLY FEEL FULL. Like, not even physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Emotionally full, from food? Yes... (more on this later). 

I'm not in that constant state of hunger like I was before.  I basically have no, yes NO sugar cravings. I'm not having an internal battle with myself anymore with how many macros I've gotten in, how many macros I have left, saving room for fats for treats, fighting the urge to not eat the snacks I was mentally craving.

Like I said before, my brain and body aren't getting mixed signals from sugar free sweeteners & food additives like it was before. (More to come on this!)

Remember, it's not what you eat some of the time, it's what you eat MOST of the time.

So, what do I eat most of the time? Plants. Lots of plants. Vegetables, a handful of healthy fats, moderate amount of fruits, lentils, quinoa, beans, & green smoothies.

I've never felt better. Inflammation is down, bloat is down, energy is up.

That whole "listen to your body" thing, is real.  It's so real. And it's different for everyone. 

That's why diet trend #5 from 2017 worked amazing for Sally and Sandy, but not for you.

Everyone's chemistry is different.

Oh, random side note, I also started eating my biggest meal in the middle of the day, so I don't get hangry around traditional dinner time, which is when I'm trying to feed the kids, give them a bath and put them to bed.

5-7pm  is the most hectic time of day here, so trying to sit down and a full meal myself is nearly impossible. 

Not only that, but eating the biggest meal close to bed time isn't the best thing for our digestion. Science has proven that one.

What science has NOT proven however, is that eating small meals through out the day is any better for metabolism or blood sugar, as much as the type of food it is.  

If you want to eat 3x, eat 3x. If you want to eat 6x, eat 6x. It doesn't matter.

Here's what does matter though...

Eating a donut for breakfast will obviously spike your blood sugar and make it drop much faster than eating oatmeal, which will seep into the blood stream slowly, and burn off slowly, right? I feel like we all know this, but try to justify being able to eat a donut, right? (because macros lol) 

So going forwad, back to today, I’m listening to my body. 

I’m continuing to not count calories, not weigh the food, eat what feels right, eat when I’m hungry, and finish when I’m full. 

It's time to stop dieting & start living.