Day 7 of 28 Days of Gratitude

"A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances"

Alright, so I've been doing this practice for 6 months straight now.  I call it practice because it is, it's a daily practice that must be exercised, everyday.  I can't practice one day or one week of gratitude, call it a day and think it's going to transform my entire life... it's something that must be felt every single day, felt no matter what the circumstance, felt when everything is going our way and felt also when we feel like we are in the middle of a shit storm.  


It's so easy to get caught up in the negative.  Reality check... what do negative people call themselves? R E A L I S T S. From a recovering "realist", I can say that living life on the other side feels so fucking FREE.  Shit happens.  Everyday, shit happens.  It happens to everyone, even the people we think whose lives are perfect from the outside.  Rich, poor, intelligent, ignorant, young, old... shit happens everyday... the only difference is how that shit is handled... how it's handled internally... how it's handled inside our of our minds.  Our mind can be a prison, or it can be a rolling field of luscious green grass that goes on for as long as the eye can see. 

For today, I'm focusing on something that is appearing as a challenge, and writing out 10 things I'm grateful for because of that challenge.  I've done it before... what happens? I look at it like, oh shit! It's not as bad as I thought it was... and guess what? The Earth still revolves, life goes on.  The only person who it's harming is me. Focus. 

Whatever I focus on, grows.  Whatever I focus on, magnifies. I promise to always water my thoughts with gratitude, so that they grow into beautiful outcomes... even when I start bitching, I will catch myself, delete that shit and replace it with 10 things I'm grateful for BECAUSE of it... as hard as that sounds, I will do this today and everyday.  

This is my promise to myself. 

Day 6 of 28 Days of Gratitude

"How can it be that a person who is born into total poverty, starts out with nothing, and has very little education, goes on to become a president or celebrity, and builds an empire and becomes one of the wealthiest people in the world?"

Oh they're just lucky... they were discovered... they were in the right place at the right time... it was just meant to be for them... that could never happen to me. 


We were born into this world with free will.  So why do some people struggle so much with the very basics of life, and others flourish effortlessly?  Some may say it's a mindset but it's so much deeper than that.

Think about when you're in the flow... ya wake up in a great mood, the birds are singing, the sun is shining down on you, everything seems to be going your way... and then you think "lol universe... everything is going perfect, what shit are you going to throw at me right now?"... and the universe does just that... throws shit your way.


Whatever you focus on, grows.  Whatever you focus on, magnifies. That's how the law of attraction works. People hear the term law of attraction, and they think it's some woo woo new age shit that only works for a select few in the world, if it even works at all.  No.  The law of attraction works because you believe in it.  Even the most negative naysayers believe in it... I know they do... they practice it but just don't call it by the same term... it's called daydreaming, imagination... we all do it even when we don't realize what it is we're doing. Things I attract to myself in real life, are always a reflection of my thoughts. Try it.

How about when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Chances are, you'll have a shitty rest of your day... everything will seem to go wrong. Think about that. Wake up with gratitude saying "thank you for waking me up"... and your brain, being already focused on gratitude, is going to amplify that.

Don't believe me?  Try it.

So for today, I'm expressing deep gratitude for the tasks I usually complete on autopilot... actually, let's be honest, I rarely have an autopilot day anymore because I am living life SO on purpose now that I don't even get into my car without saying "thank you", because there was a time I had no car, and I remember those days well... OK so back to today's tasks: dishes, making meals, changing diapers, showering, cleaning... Today, I'm going throughout my day as if I have someone keeping a tally on all of my thoughts.  If someone could hear the thoughts inside of your head, as if you're saying them out loud, would you still think the same?

Try it ;)

Day 5 of 28 Days of Gratitude

"Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty."

Ohhhhhh how I love this daaaaayy!! Magic MONEY!!! Money gets such a bad rap because, as the saying goes, as ridiculous as it sounds, and I couldn't agree less, "money is the root of all evil" ... um, what? Don't we need money to pay for literally everything? Clothes, clean water, electricity, food, cool shit, amazing experiences, travel, whether it's a few towns over or a few countries over...  YES YES YES!

Money is a tool.  Money is a resource.  Money is neutral.  Money has always, and will always support me.  It has always and will always support you. Look around... everything you see all around you, you have created... you have brought this into your life.  

I remember sleeping on a bunk bed a little over 3 years ago in a homeless shelter, afraid to move, afraid to make a sound, scared out of my fucking mind.  It smelled.  It was well after midnight by the time I checked in.  I couldn't bring in my duffel bag, so the woman gave me a black trash bag to put my belongings.  Talk about demoralizing.  I had a job.  A good job.  A job I was proud of.  A job I couldn't lose just because I didn't have a home nor a car. All I remember was convincing myself to get a good nights rest because I needed to catch an early ass train to make it to work on time... I was way the fuck out there, like a 2 hour commute via train because of the way they're spaced out.  I could barely sleep.  My heart was racing.  My alarm was set.  Why the fuck was I sleeping on the top bunk in a smelly ass homeless shelter? I woke up around 5 or so, took a shower, got ready in the bathroom with a few other women who knew each other... they didn't look homeless.  Neither did I. They really quite literally, looked like they had their shit together, and so did I. It was amazing. What the hell was I doing here?

I created this.

I remember being like, fucking shit, what the fuck am I going to do. Where am I going to sleep tonight? How the hell am I going to tell my daughter? As timing is always divine, she was at her dad's house when all this shit went down, but there was only a few days left until I had to pick her up from school with no car, no home... I had to tell her dad, as embarrassing as this was, guilt, shame, you name it, I felt it.

But, I had to remember that I created this.

I didn't worry about it. I literally just went to work that morning, transferred everything from the trash bag, back to my duffel bag, which was heavy as fuck, thinking to myself, I can't drag this thing around with me constantly... So I had a plan to basically leave the bag under my desk and get to work early enough every morning to get ready before work, before any of my coworkers saw me, and literally act as if, nothing was different.

Hey, ya know what though? I created this.

I was supported.  I surrendered.  I wasn't in control, yet... I was.  I remember being excited about being able to save every last penny to put a bomb-ass deposit on a new place... this excited the fuck out of me.  I knew my current situation was not my final destination.  Everything felt fine.

Because, I created this.

How did I get into that fucking mess to begin with?  I created this!  I lost myself.  I had lost myself long before, and was trying to put pieces of my life back together, except it felt like I was blindfolded and I had all these pieces, but didn't know what the final picture was supposed to look like. I put myself in a situation where I relinquished all things that were my own. I did what felt right at the time, but being in this situation made me felt like I had made every wrong move.  In hindsight, I did everything right.  I learned my biggest lessons from my darkest days.  This isn't the first time I had lost a house or lost a car, but it was going to be the fucking last.  I was not OK with continuing to do the same things, making the same decisions, making the same mistakes, finding myself in the same sad story even though it was a different book. 

I created this.

Long story short, I worked my fingers to the bone hunting for a new place.  Making phone calls, sending emails, setting up appointments, convincing the landlord I was his best choice and just pick me, PICK ME already.... within 30 days I had a new place all my own again, and it felt so fucking amazing  THIRTY DAYS!!! I was able to get all my shit and move everything in, in what seemed like, no time at all.  I look back like, fuck yes!! I handled that like a fucking BOSS. Moving on, leveling up, and not repeating that same story ever again. 

I wasn't scared.  I was excited and fucking driven to do more.  This is exactly the time I started working on my inner healing, and let me tell you, my life has sky rocketed into the life of my dreams, getting better and better. There are still highs and lows, we're human, duh, but the difference with my belief system, how I choose to live, is like night & day.

So again, how does this relate to money? Money has been amazing tool that has helped me literally create the life of my dreams. Money has enabled me to earn my certifications, so that I can continue to apply what I've learned, and help others.  Money puts food on the table to feed my family.  Money keeps the roof over our heads, and the clothes on our back. Money enables me to tithe, donate and contribute to causes that make my heart full.

Money supports me.  It has always supported me. When I began to get aligned, and feel gratitude around money, all my purchases and all of the services I was using, money began flowing in effortlessly. I started living life on purpose.  

So here's my point... what would I do without money? What would any of us do? Why the fuck does everyone work, if we all weren't after money?  Poverty mentality is a mindset.... we do NOT have to financially suffer in this lifetime. When you feel abundant, abundance will find you.  I can hear people saying to themselves right now, "it's not all about the money." No, it's not.  What good is it to have stacks of money if you don't do anything with it.  It's not about the money, it's about the experiences and all of the GOOD that can be done with it. Example... 

The first 10% of my income gets tithed.  No. Matter. What.  If my paycheck is $64 or $640, it's the first 10%. What is that? That's literally such a small drop.  Think about it.  Every $100 you earn, you tithe $10. That's it. And that little bit goes so far when you're tithing to a place that fills your soul with happiness!

I hear people say "if I was a millionaire, I would bla-bla-blibbidy-bla, fill in the blank with x y or z", but why? No one has to be a millionaire to give.  You see, there are selfish "poor" folks and there are selfless "rich" folks.  Income doesn't determine action.  There is no "us" and "them".  If you can get over that, you're already on your way.

Say it with me... When I feel abundant, abundance finds me. Thank you for all the money I've been given throughout my life. Money supports me. Receiving is my birth right.

| | R E P E A T | |

Wanting money is not greedy.  There are greedy people in the world who do not use money for the greater good, but there are also plenty of loving, heart centered individuals who DO use money to help themselves and others achieve more.  

"Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty."

Day 4 of 28 Days of Gratitude

"Being grateful of your health ensures that you will continue to receive more health to be grateful for, and at the same time it eliminates stress and tension in your body and mind."

OK, I can literally hear you saying "yea right" ... this is one of those days that must be practiced over and over, because I'm sure everyone has heard the saying "you're just making yourself sick" ... well... certain things yes, other things, no... but I can say this with certainty, the more you think about something, the more you bring that thing to you.  Everything you focus on, expands.

This is such a touchy subject, but the point is to feel into the health that we have now, and be truly grateful, feeling into the emotion.

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so let us all be thankful.”
— Gautama Buddha, Founder of Buddhism (circa 563BC- 484BC)

I LOVE this day.  Look around... can you see? I can see!  How amazing is that... I can see my 22 month old dancing to Moana, smiling ear to ear, and I can hear his amazing laughter... I can also hear my 4 month old crying and see that he is trying to root on his daddy's arm, haha... Oh, and we just cooked dinner... I can smell the delicious aroma of veggies sautéing in garlic and fresh herbs, and it's making me soooo hungry... and I'm sipping on an ice cold Pina Colada Activate right now...  omg, so delicious, it literally makes me feel like my feet should be buried in the sand on a tropical island... MY SENSES!!! I am truly grateful for all of my senses, including my 6th sense, my intuition.

Right now, I can feel my heart beating, my lungs filling up with oxygen, my fingers as I type this, the thoughts flowing as I'm creating... the strength of my back as I'm sitting toes wiggling around... with every cell in my body... thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Oh hells yes it is.  


Day 3 of 28 Days of Gratitude

"Words are very powerful, so when you complain about any person you actually harm your life... By the law of attraction whatever you think or say about another person, you bring to you."


Say it ain't so!!! But what if I'm just venting, because that person is really really really annoying!! And let's be honest, it's not my fault they're annoying... what does that have to do with ME?? 

... what if I said... it has EVERYTHING to do with me?  And if you are the one talking shit, or just venting, it has everything to do with YOU too.  Stay with me here...

I always knew that.... I mean, I've heard it a million times... "the man in the mirror" kind of thing... ya know, when they say stuff like, if someone has a problem with you, it has more to do with them, than with you ... but I never really GOT it until I did The Magic the first time around, back in February.  I always knew it, but it never really impacted me until I had to write ten blessings around someone who I really didn't even like, forget about be grateful for.  But, it wasn't until then, that I really realized that even that person who treated me like garbage, for almost my entire life, also was responsible for making me who I am today... because I would have never been put in a situation where I needed to find the strength to become who I am, to fight through the challenges and obstacles... because if I hate him for all the shit he did and said, then I better love him for all the amazing qualities he gave me as well.  

Going a step further than that, knowing that I chose him to be my very own father in this lifetime, so that we can both settle our karmic debt and soul contracts... it's fucked up knowing that our souls are basically best friends, and have agreed to play out these roles on earth, even before being brought here in this lifetime, so we can learn the lessons we wanted to learn.   

OK, so back to Magical Relationships... research has even showed that people who practice gratitude have stronger relationships... and even crazier than that, for every one complaint, there needs to be ten, TEN blessings in order for the relationship to flourish, otherwise it is bound to fizzle out and die.  

When I heard this, I was curious.... so I scanned my entire life, and I can honestly say without a doubt, this is true... it HAS to be true... the very first time I begin to complain about someone, it becomes easier and easier to complain more and more, justifying my words with their actions, and ultimately, the relationship ends.  Family, friends... it doesn't matter.  I have a switch inside of my brain, and once my mind is made up, it's made up... 

I have always been like that... until now... it's been a few years since I realized what I was doing and I knew it needed to stop.  It's no way to live.  

If a relationship is meant to fizzle out, or grow apart, that's fine... but I send them away with blessings and love.  Even those who I can't even stand to have a conversation with, I thank them for the lessons, release what no longer serves me, send them out with love and.... whoosh... goodbye!!! I've even written letters and burnt them to reinforce the fact that I am dissolving everything that is no longer serving me with that person... 

There are people that we continue to attract into our life who are toxic for us.  This is a fact. Learn to look around, and trust the signs.... otherwise we will keep repeating that sad sad story until we learn our lesson... and THAT is when the healing will begin.

Now back to the GOOD stuff... making GOOD relationships even BETTER with The Magic!! Can I tell you how AMAZING it feels to write this shit down every day!? It felt so good to write my thank you list to 3 of my closest persons... thanking them for everything they are, and who they are to me... I know they felt it to.  They HAD to have... they may not have realized what they were feeling but writing down blessings, and sending love from the heart, has no choice but to make its way to that special person... and it's made ME feel better too.  Who would have thought, sending blessings to others actually blesses yourself.  

This is the third time I'm going through this book and it's getting better and better every time!

Blessings to everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Day 2 of 28 Days of Gratitude

Day 2 began just like Day 1, listing 10 things that I am grateful for and WHY... adding to that, searching for small rock or stone that is small enough to hold in my hand... and at night, remembering all of the good things that happened today... picking the BEST one, reliving it in my mind, and saying THANK YOU, remembering to feel it in my heart... because it doesn't matter what you say in your head or out loud... what matters is the feeling behind those words.

The Magic lets me have the same type of excitement that I had when I was a little girl... dreaming about things SO big... wishing, using my imagination... and thinking about everything that happened during the day and reliving them right before bedtime, until I drift off to sleep... I LOVE doing this practice SO much!!! 

Let's talk about "adulting" for a quick second... I mean, let's get real.  Work, bills, kids, responsibilities, stress, worry, anxiety... what's the very last thing that you think about before bed? Think about it... I mean REALLY think about it... are you complaining about your neighbor's dog who gets loose and shits in your yard, or your ex who you think "ruined" your life, or your boss who you know "has it out" for you? ... think ... 

I used to have such an immense amount of worry and anxiety, that I would keep myself up at night til the wee hours of the morning, with my heart racing... I knew that was no way to live but I didn't know what to do about it... I also didn't have anyone in my life guiding me to such amazing practices as The Magic, or anything even remotely similar... they were guiding me to my nearest pharmacist to numb my stress... um hell fucking no... that's fine for a quick fix, short term, but what happens when I don't want to take that pill anymore? And what happens when the next issue manifests in the form of anxiety because I haven't trained myself with the coping skills to deal?  


I knew I needed a real solution and that's when I started the inner work and healing all these deep rooted issues that WE ALL have ... 

So back to the rock!!! What this does is helps me scan my entire day to think about the most amazing thing that happened, relive that in my mind and my heart, and say THANK YOU.  

This day was amazing.  We spent the whole day in CT with family, swimming in the pool with everyone, eating amazing food that everyone brought to share, catching up and sharing stories.  So simple and yet so relaxing and refreshing to see everyone and reconnect... I LOVE days like this!  

Day 1 of 28 Days of Gratitude

Alright... here we go again!  

They say when we're not grateful, we're taking... taking things for granted... when we're not grateful, we cannot receive more in return.  

Day 1 is "Count your Blessings".  I counted my blessings.... 10 to be exact... first thing in the morning, to set the tone for the rest of my day. I seriously do not feel the same unless I can do it first thing in the morning, because as the day goes on, all the little things that will inevitably happen, that have the potential to piss me off, don't.

You guys, its SO easy to fall into that trap... I know Im not the only one... one thing happens and the complaining begins and soon turns into the biggest snowball rolling full speed down the hill, picking up more and more snow, getting bigger and bigger!! I try my very very hardest not to bitch, and I'm telling you, it guess easier and easier as I practice this exercise everyday. As soon as I feel myself start bitching, I send a blessing instead lol... I'm so serious.  It feels so good to release the energy that way... but that practice comes later in the book ;) 

*currently remembering to breathe*




28 Days of Gratitude

This will be my third time going through The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  I can't even begin to describe how this book has changed me... my description won't do it any justice... that's why I'm taking myself through The Magic for a third time, and putting it ALL out there, making myself as vulnerable as can be... welcoming anyone to join me.

"One word changes everything...

For more than twenty centuries, words within a sacred text have mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read them. Only a very few people through history have realized that the words are a riddle, and that once you solve the riddle—once you uncover the mystery—a new world will appear before your eyes.

In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals this life-changing knowledge to the world. Then, on an incredible 28-day journey, she teaches you how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, The Magic is going to change your entire life!"

The first time around, I could barely think of 10 things I was grateful for on day 1 (sounds pretty pathetic, until everyone I spoke to had the same challenge), but by day 28, I couldn't limit it to just 10 things.

A friend of mine recommended that I read this...  I've been hearing about it  long enough, and wasted enough of my time putting it off, so I knew the time was now.  I knew I needed this book to change what was going on inside of me.  Do yourself a favor... if anyone has mentioned this to you in any way, at any time...

DO. IT.  

It will change your perception of everything.

Happy Father's Day...

Fun fact... the mister and I don't "do" these typical day celebrations like Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day, so on and so forth ... because we should show our love, appreciation and gratitude everyday, right?  Besides... I've already given him the best gift he could have ever asked for ... ME! Haha! I kid, I kid ... nevertheless, I wanted to do something special this year, something money can't buy.  We try our hardest to be in the moment, and not living behind the screen... but how will we remember all the details so clearly?  I raked through all the videos I had and was, in some possible way, able to condense 21 months of memories into less than 4 minutes.

Here are the boys that made him a dad.